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Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
University of British Columbia, VancouverCJ Photo

Contact Info:

Phone: (604) 827 3480
Email:cjohnson AT eos DOT ubc DOT ca
Address:  6339 Stores Road
Vancouver, BC

Planetary Sciences Group:
Research Associates: Lydia Philpott
Manar Al Asad
Postdocs: Hannah Susorney
Graduate Students:
Anna Mittelholz  
Georgia Peterson
Megan Russell
Undergraduate Students: contact me if you are interested in working in my lab!

Curriculum vitae:  pdf



Where Are  They Now?  (past  students and postdocs)

Former Graduate Students:  

  • Jean-Francois Blanchette-Guertin (PhD 2014).
    • Currently: Director of Data Science & Analytics, Vroom, NYC, USA
    • Previously: Postdoc, IPGP, France.
  • Reka Winslow (PhD 2014). 
    • Currently: Research Scientist, Space Science Center, University of New Hampshire.
    • Previously: Postdoc, Space Science Center, University of New Hampshire.
  • Leah Ziegler (PhD 2011).
    • Currently: Staff Algorithm Engineer, Dexcom, CA.
    • Previously: NSF postdoc fellowship, Oregon State University.
  • Kristin Lawrence (PhD 2008).
    • Currently: CEO and Founder, The Hopper, Boulder, CO.
    • Previously: Lecturer, Stanford University; Postdoc, Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, AZ.
  • Renee Weber (PhD 2007).
    • Currently: Heliophysics and Planetary Science Division Manager and Planetary Scientist, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL.
    • Previously: USGS, Flagstaff, AZ.  Postdoc - IPGP, France.
  • Hideharu Uno (MSc 2009).
    • Currently: Geophysicist, JGI Inc. Japan.
    • Previously: Geophysicist, Geokinetics, Singapore.

Some Former Undergraduate Students: 

  • Stijn Mast
    • Currently: visiting Masters research Student at JPL - numerical determination of orbital stability regions around asteroid (16) Psyche.
  • Kevin Fan
    • Currently, Geophyscial Survey Trainer, Myanmar.
  • Cedar Hanneson
    • Currently: MSc. student, University of Alberta.
  • Matt Berrill
    • Currently: Physics degree, Manchester University.
  • Jessica Kalynn

Former Postdocs:  

  • Andreas Ritzer
    • Currently: Royal Canadian Air Force.
    • Previously: Research Analyst, MDA Systems RADARSAT group, Richmond, Canada.
  • Julien Monteux
    • Currently: Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Clermont Ferrand, France.
  • Surdas Mohit
    • Currently: Senior Research Analyst for Security Intelligence Review Committee.
    • Previously: Senior Policy Analyst, Environment Canada, Ottawa.