Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, December 2009

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2009 has been a very fun year. We saw in the new year with a great trip to the Bahamas and Everglades, then had a very busy spring and summer with arts events and a short relaxing trip to Savary Island with friends. We have been renovating the basement during fall, and are looking foward to a quite Christmas break to recover from a crazy schedule of work, performing and studying.

Patricia: Research scientist and manager with the the UBC Friedman Lab, and recently started a similar position with UBC's Midwifery research group. Also chief home / arts projects manager.

Francis: Teaching and learning development and support with UBC's Carl Weimann Science Education Initiative in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences. "Can the culture of a whole Department be converted from teacher-centric to learner-centric in 5 years or less?" That is the question - & the challenge. How are we going about it? Check out the EOS Science Education Initiative.

Adrian: Into 4th year of Environmental Sciences at UBC with a minor in statistics. Summer '09 Adrian worked as a research assistant in Geography at UBC, and in February 2010 he is heading to University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand for one term as an exchange student.

Colin: Grade 11, a very challenging year at school with a full load of tough courses. Also singing with Vancouver Bach Youth Choir, UBC Children's Opera Ensemble, and the school's senior choir. Acting in several plays & musicals at school and other settings has been a focus for the fall season. In spring Colin competed successfully in voice at the Kiwanis competitions, and enjoyed two weeks of intensive voice training with UBC's Summer Music Institute. Currently he is training his tenor voice, and continues with relatively casual violin lessons.

Colin, his friend Noah, & Francis 
Patricia, Savary Island
View from UBC.
Adrian: Relaxing, Christmas 2008
On John's boat, Gulf Islands
Beach, Bahamas
Colin: Fiddling, Salt Spring Island.
Playing Hamlet, Young Shakespearean
Workshops at Bard on the Beach.
King Left-Eye (tenor) in the premier of "Optica Delusions- A Musical Fable", with UBC's Children's Opera Ensemble (Mostly ages 14-17)

Beaches, Mangroves, alligators, egrets and other birds galore - Bahamas and Everglades.
The Jones cousins visit in Vancouver
(Daniel, Ilona, Colin, Gabrial)
Visiting the Jones cousins in Calgary.
Tidal pools on Savary Island (2hrs north of Vancouver) - Back yard work - Mountains near Vancouver
Eagle and humming bird in our back yard, skunk cabbage in Stanley Park.