Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, January 2009

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Currently "kids" are still at home but getting closer and closer to independnce. Parents seem to spend more & more time on work - not sure if that's "good" or "bad".

Patricia runs the UBC Friedman Lab, keeps house and home in one piece, & "manages" the young artist.

Francis is "Science Teaching and Learning Fellow" - a nebulous title for a tough-to-define mandate. Basically an in-house consultant paid by the UBC Carl Weimann Science Education Initiative, but working for the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences' Science Education Initiative. It is all about simultaneously becoming as "expert"as possible in how people learn, while attempting to transform EOS faculty into knowledgeable experts in post-secondary learning and teaching. And schloarly dissemination of efforts and results (ie workshopping, publishing, meeting, mentoring, etc.).

Adrian continues in 3rd year of the UBC Environmental Sciences Program (co-op option). Rumor has it he will drop the honors option in favour of a minor in statistics, but we'll see. He also enjoys the UBC Debating Club, and fences with the Rennaissance Fencing Club, including serving as club Vice President, and teaching newer club members. During the summer Adrian spent 4 mths working as a lab technician for the University of Victoria's Water and Aquatic Sciences Research Program.

Colin is in grade 10 at University Hill Secondary. He takes voice lessons (egs. below), was with the Vancouver Bach Children's Chorus and now sings with the Vancouver Bach Youth Choir (egs. below). As a member of Vancouver Opera's performance of La Bohème in May, totally converted is doubting parents into opera fans. He continues to enjoy playing celtic / folk fiddle and classical violin, and is busy singing/acting at school (see UHill Cabaret - if you dare!) and with other youth groups (Young Shakespearean Workshops, and UBC Children's Opera Ensemble, this season in Humperdinck's Hansel & Gretal and Verdi's Falstaff). Colin also performed in UBC's special production of the Children’s opera Brundibár (by Hans Krása, Wikipedia), and has helped "workshop" a new children's opera that will hopefully see it's premier in spring 2009.

Harley &Francis 
Patricia at Bard on the Beach
Adrian & Colin
Home sweet home.
4 3 2 1
Adrian: Team Envr Science Club wins!
Cat distracts student.
Fine if you're 19 - but bouncing at 84?
Francis's Dad thinks so!
Colin: in La Boheme, May'08.
Vancouver Opera Children's Chorus.
Fiddling with Celtic Traditions.
As Touchstone with Audrey (As You Like It);  
Young Shakespearean Workshops at Bard on the Beach
MP3's: Jan'08: cambiata Aug'08: counter-tenor experiment & natural voice, Dec'08: stabilizing voice. June choir (vbcc) Dec choir (vbyc)
MP3's, July 2009: Brooches (B. Britten) - April then July. Salley Garden July.
Hiking, Kootenays, August. Unfortunately Adrian was at work in Victoria.
Dianna Lake, East Kootenay Mts.
Kootenays; many thanks to Martin and Donna for having
Colin, Patricia, Francis, and Kitty (F's sister).
Hiking in the Kootenays, Colin, Martin, Patricia, Kitty.
A relatively domestic year - no big trips (until Christmas / Newyear!) and one of the loveliest autumns in memory.