Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, January 2008

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Some changes, some contants - it's been a good year. Work, school, fencing, home and travel all figured prominently.

& Patricia
Colin: Vancouver Bach Children's Chorus,
centre, 2nd from the right.
Fiddling on St. Patric's day.
Opera debut in Cavalleria Rusticana & I Pagliacci
Nov'07; Vancouver Opera Children's Chorus.
MP3's demonstrating: counter-tenor experiment, and a more natural voice (August 2008).
Adrian: Judging at a children's competition.
Causing trouble.
The Yukon River, somewhere between Dawson and Eagle, Ak.
Yukon River camp.
Visiting Canada's North.
Hiking in the Yukon - Tombstone Range.
The Yukon River - endless wilderness.
Tombstone Mountain on the horizon.