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Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, January 2011

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Patricia: Research scientist and manager with the the UBC Friedman Lab. The position with UBC's Midwifery research group was interesting but two 50% jobs = 120% work, so this second job has been dropped. Also chief home / arts projects manager.

Francis: Teaching and learning development and support with UBC's Carl Weimann Science Education Initiative in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences. "Can the culture of a whole Department be converted from teacher-centric to learner-centric in 5 years or less?" That is the question - & the challenge. How are we going about it? Check out the EOS Science Education Initiative.

Colin is finishing high school at University Hill Secondary - hopefully :-). He continues to take voice lessons, sings with the Vancouver Bach Youth Choir, participated with the Chor Leoni's PROMYS mentoring program, is a member of the chorus in UBC's Gilbert and Sullivan Club (Pinafore this year), and is busy acting at school and with Young Shakespearean Workshops. He did really well at Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival, as well as at the provincial level (Intermediate Classical Voice and Intermediate Vocal Variety categories).

While Adrian was in New Zealand, Patricia, Francis and Colin spent a really cool 3 weeks exploring BC's northern central region, including a week at a fly-in cabin in the Spatzizi, and 2 weeks car touring and hiking between the towns of Smithers, Hazleton, Steward and Prince Rupert.

Adrian is finishing off his honor's degree in UBC's Environmental Sciences Program, including a minor in statistics. A year ago he spent 6 months at University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand (before the earthquake). See his blog for lots of anecdotes and photos.

Garden at home.
(A few more photos, fall 2010.)

Canada wins Gold! Olympic enthusiasm, Vancouver (and all of Canada), Feb2010
( A few more of our own photos)
Harley waiting for winter to end
Taking on some of the cooking
New tree for garden
Francis in Rocky Mt. Nat. Park, Colorado
4 3 1
Adrian: Self portrait in New Zealand
Mt Cook, New Zealand
Back home
Colin: at home.
"My name is John Wellington Wells"
Kiwanis voice competition.
Playing Bottom - Midsummer Nights' Dream
Hiking, Spatzizi Wilderness, North central BC.
Fantastic views, miles (kms!) from anywhere.
Lots of little (and big!) reasons for getting out of town.