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Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, December 2011

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Patricia: Continues to enjoy doing research with, and managing, the UBC Friedman Lab at 80% full time equivalent, and keeping house/home/arts under control. Thanks Mum!

Francis: Currently acting director, in year four of the Earth and Ocean Sciences Science Education Initiative, with UBC's Carl Weimann Science Education Initiative. Progress is good, and the focus is now on (a) assessing impacts of changes in the Department and (b) ensuring persistence of innovations. The project's primary aim is to incorporate well-proven precedent into our Department's undergraduate science teaching. But we also incorporate our own research projects about teaching and learning in the geosciences. See the current contributions list.

Colin finished high school, and is nearly finished first term as a UBC student studying voice performance (opera division) in pursuit of a B.Mus. degree. The busy summer included a couple weeks with Young Shakespearean Workshops, and two weeks with the Victoria Conservatory of Music's Summer Vocal Acadamy Oratorio program. Loved every minute, and got totally hooked on early music (baroque and before). Most commitements now will be with UBC's Opera Ensemble (chorus), the UBC Early Music Ensemble (voice) and UBC Choral Union (choir), and solo voice training.

Adrian graduated from UBC with a highly commendable honor's degree in UBC's Environmental Sciences Program with a minor in statistics. He is now taking a well earned "gap year". His honor's thesis is titled "Determination of Density Anomalies for the Fraser River Estuary and Powell Lake by Direct measurement of Densities and Salinities". The research generated somewhat suprising results and consequently was challenging to finish in the extremely tight timeframe of 6mths. But the product is comendable!

This summer ended up being too busy for a real holiday, although some or all of us did get out for several fabulous 4-5 day stretches to Whistler, Ucluelet, Victoria, Southern Ontario, and Strathcona Park (Vanc. Island). Lack of holiday will be rectified soon!

View of Vancouver from home.

Summer, Vancouver from Jerico beach
Mt. Baker & Vancouver
Fall, Vancouver
Late summer, back yard deck.
Watching sea otters bedding down.
Harley playing on the trampoline
Near tree line, Whistler, May.
'Brollies definately worth it when hiking in May
Exploring coastline near Ucluelet, west coast of Vancouver Island
ocgy agrad fence
Adrian: Oceanography Field school
Graduating at UBC
Italian renaissance martial arts.
Colin:highschool grad
Chorus, HMS Pinnafore (UBC G&S club) & in recital.
Playing Caliban (Tempest)
& Henry Vth.

Geoffrey with grandsons Scott and Adrian, September 2011.

Looking south across Broken Islands on Vancouver Island's west coast, near Ucluelet.
fds forest
BIG tree
More trees.
Yet more trees.

North West Pacific coast rainforest - a globally unequalled treasure.