Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, December 2012

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Patricia: Maintaining the UBC Friedman Lab, teaching research methods to genetic councellors, and keeping house/home/arts under control. Thanks Mum!

Francis: Working for the Earth and Ocean Sciences Science Education Initiative, with UBC's Carl Weimann Science Education Initiative, and teaching eosc212, a second year course aimed at improving science thinking skills of geoscience students.

Colin: In second year at UBC studying voice performance (opera division) in pursuit of a B.Mus. degree. Being a UBC music student is hard work, but the Early Music Ensemble, performing in the UBC opera chorus, and summer workshops with VISI and the Victoria Conservatory of Music's Summer Vocal Acadamy Oratorio program have been highlights.

Adrian: Has been basically running the 60-instrument sensor network between Vancouver Island and the east end of the Fraser Valley ("beyond Hope"), a project being run by AeroQual Ltd. of Auckland New Zealand. Also lots of fencing with Academie Duello, and a bunch of other stuff.

We all had a great winter vacation in Kauai Hawaii over Christmas 2011, and in the summer Patricia and Francis enjoyed a week or so exploring Wells Gray Provincial Park with Kitty and Andy Newson. Pictures of all this stuff and more below.

interior Kauai
Hiking Na'Pali
mor's idol
Moorish Idol
> 400ft falls.


Sunrise at "home"
cattle egret
Cattle egret
Summer time, and the livin' is easy"
Arizona (Sedona) early March (FJ was working in Phoenix)
Harley supervises staining the new fence.
Meadows in Wells Gray
new swords bard fixing sensors
New sword and dagger
With Grandpa prior to a Bard on the Beach show
Fixing ozone sensors
der Erlkönig
Dressed for ... Cossi Fan Tutti ...
... Trial by Jury ...
... and der Erlkönig - Halloween.

home flowers 2calgaryhawk
Garden flowers, Vancouver;    Geese in February, Calgary;    red tailed hawk hunting, Vancouver.

Looking East across Wells Gray alpine country.
 sibs and inlaws
alpine alpine beauty
Siblings (outside) and in laws (inside)
Wells Gray alpine
Wells Gray meadows
falsalpine flower 
  eagleorchid 2snowy owl
Waterfalls, alpine flowers, orchids, and poplers at Wells Gray. The eagle and snowy owl are near Vancouver.