Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, December 2013

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Patricia: Maintaining the UBC Friedman Lab, volunteering with Vancouver International Song Institute (VISI), and keeping house/home/garden/arts under control. Thanks Mum!

Francis: Working to wrap up the 7-year Earth and Ocean Sciences Science Education Initiative as part of UBC's Carl Weimann Science Education Initiative. Also, I took 5 month unpaid leave of absence to recharge the batteries. Everyone should do this once in a while! Two weeks visiting folks in Calgary, a major rock-works garden project was done (pictures below), some time relaxing, and an awesome one month road trip down the US west coast, into Death valley and northern Arizona, and back. I spent 10 days on my own going down, 10 days with Patricia exploring the desert and Navajo country, and 10 days on my own coming home. Lots of walking, driving, and lots & lots of photos!
Also attended a fantastic Festschrift (conference hosted at McGill University) to celebrate Dad's contribution to neuroscience in the year of his 90'th birthday. And still going strong. See Festschrift for more pictures.

Colin: In third year at UBC studying voice performance in pursuit of a B.Mus. degree. Being a UBC music student is hard work, but the Early Music Ensemble and workshops with VISI have been highlights.

Adrian: Pursuing the challenging "red cord" qualification in European Martial Arts at the Academie Duello and volunteering with their performance team. Also some statistics consulting, and now looking forward to re-invigorating professional interests.

Backyard flagstone patio construction.
The finished patio and raised bed.
Harley enjoying new garden features.
Geoffrey Melvill Jones Festschrift
Anna's humming bird: male on the feeder
Anna's humming bird: female on the feeder
Vancouver beach
new swords bard fixing
Laughing is good.
Engineering removal of huge buried bolder
Renaissance Fashion
tux fireworks
Dressed for recital
Occitania & early music
Fireworks over Vancouver's English Bay

hawkcalgaryhome flowers 2
The long road trip; Yosemite               VISI gala-gala-do...                                                              Grand Canyon.

Monument valley - on the road trip.
 sibs and
alpine alpine
Pinion Jay
Titus Canyon, Death Valley.
A local in the Grand Canyon
Road trip to Arizona: Scenes, Birds, Plants - much to see and 7500 images to take home. What a great time!
poplersbirdalpine flower
  cactus1orchid 2whitehouse
cactus2Mt St. Helens