Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, December 2014

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Patricia: Continues to run the UBC Friedman Lab, now full time. Keeping house/home/family/garden under control is also full time. Two full time occupations - so what else is new? Thanks Mum!

Francis: The 7-year Earth and Ocean Sciences Science Education Initiative, part of UBC's Carl Weimann Science Education Initiative, is finally over. Now I'm 9mths into a 2-year UBC grant-funded "flexible learning" project. Our application was funded starting May 2014, and we'll apply for extensions when the time comes.

Colin: In fourth year at UBC studying voice performance in pursuit of a B.Mus. degree, and doing a double major in Speech Science. Lots of linguistics and other pre-requisits.

Adrian: Achieved the challenging "red cord" qualification in European Martial Arts at the Academie Duello, developing teaching qualifications, and volunteering with their performance team. Also working as consulting statistician, and recently applied to do an M.Sc. in statistics at UBC.

Backyard June
New greenhouse
Gorilla gardening: rescuing the Rhodo from developers

Regular garden visitor.

Summer time ... and the livin' is easy.

Vancouver skyline

Halloween - Joker!

O.M.G! Dried sardines are
sooo addictive!

Performing at Bard-on-the-Beach's
Fight Night

Francis and Geoffery;
view NW from Squamish gondola

Another rescued plant;
Hibiscus by the deck.

Geoffery and Patricia
at VanDuesen Gardens

A few selected favorites

Lots more in FJ's photo portfolio.