Francis Patricia Adrian Colin - Family Notes, December 2015

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No thrilling home rennovations or garden innovations this year, but we had a few good short trips. One very full and satisfying week in New York (February), two great weeks in the Rockies and Calgary (September), and FJ enjoyed a road-trip to Calgary in May, returning over 5 days with Dad.

Patricia: Still has two full time occupations: 1) into the 25th yr (roughly) of running the UBC Friedman Lab; and 2) keeping house/home/family/garden under control. Also, for the first time, participated in a local amateur choir to present Handel's Messiah.

Francis: Still with the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Science Education Initiative (EOAS-SEI) and three quarters way through our 2 year UBC grant-funded project, titled "Learning strategies and resources to align face-to-face and Distance Education versions of geoscience courses". A new and related 2 yr project starts May 2016, titled "Development of cost effective strategies for teaching, learning and assessing scientific reasoning abilities in large face-to-face and distance education general science courses."

Colin: In the penultimate year at UBC pursuing a double major in Music (Voice Performance) and Speech Science. Also lots of singing, earlier with UBC's premier choral group, The University Singers, and now as a member of the Vancouver Phoenix Chamber Choir .

Adrian: Recently (September) embarked upon a masters degree in statistics at UBC. Before that, several statistical consulting jobs kept him busy, including co-authorship in a coupld nice papers. Adrian also continues to be active with the European Martial Arts group at the Academie Duello.

A couple of lads at the
Bard's steam-punk version of Comedy of Errors
Colin, New York in February to perform
with UBC University Singers and others at Carnegie Hall.
Adrian, July 2015 in Vancouver

Back yard summer beauty.

Anna's hummer basking in a brief
appearance of November sun.

Harley - sees a squirrel.

August dusk over Vancouver's North Shore mountains from Boundary Bay

Two smart-dressed gents!
Colin and Geoffery.

Abstract in Pacific Spirit Park
near home.

Northern pygmy owl in Maplewood
conservation area, North Vancouver

Moonrise over Mt Baker.
Boundary Bay, 40mins south of Vancouver.

New York City

At the Met Opera;
Joyce & Juan in Donna del Lago. (Sigh!)

Awesome week in NY, NY.
Feb. 2015

Andrew and Francis, S. Calgary

Snowy New York, New York

Geoffery and Francis, Nose Hill, Calgary

A few from September in the Rockies and Calgary.

Lots more in Albums at FJ's Flickr site.