I like to travel, play and live in wild environments. This is a scrapbook of some of the places I have been with some of the closest friends I have. It also includes some of my family. The content of this page changes from time to time and in ways that are not intuitive. Enjoy!

I should begin with the woman who inspires me


Here are links to photos from an assortment of trips and other small tastes of life:

Big Walls in Yosemite, 2002-2003

Gunks, 2004

Bugaboos, 2005

Kalani, 2005

Toronto 2005

Tetons 2006

First Heli-ski trip 2007

Pantheon Range 2007

Wapta Traverse 2008

Spruce Lake 2008

Kauai 2008

Schulaps-Chilcotin Traverse, 2009

Mom and Catherine

Our very large dog, Summer

Whitsundays, 2010

Vancouver Olympics, 2010

Mt. Currie to Blackcomb 2011

Hawaii State Book and Music Festival over the years

South Africa and Namibia, 2013

Back to the Chilcotin, 2014

Sky Camp, 2015

Scotland, 2016

BC Bike Race with my brother Ev, 2017

Rome, 2018

Telegraph Cove, 2018

Jim Haverl Hut, 2019

Norway Fjords, 2019