Current Group Members

Lindsey Rayborn (MSc, Volcano Lightning)

Johan Gilchrist (PhD, The stability and dynamics of volcanic jets)

Colin Rowell (PhD, Eruption clouds and aerosol production)

Vahid Dehghanniri (MSc, Dynamics of magma wagging and other wonderful volcanic processes)



Past Group Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Shawn Chartrand (Postdoc, Probabalistic approaches to sedimentation, entrainment and erosion in rivers and landscape evolution)

David Jessop

Guillaume Carazzo

Julien Monteux

John Hernlund

Tom Gleeson

Ben Kennedy

Tobias Hšink

Craig OĠNeill




Cyril Mergny (BSc, ENS, Lyons; Machine learning characterizations and experiments on entrainment into unsteady volcanic jets)

Meghan Sharpe (BSc Hons, UBC; Glacier-Volcano interaction in the Katla caldera: A box model of available meltwater)

Anna Grau (PhD, Geophysics: Insights into the origin and evolution of the Martian valley networks from erosion models: Reconciling climate modelling and geomorphological observations)

Thomas Aubry (PhD, Geophysics: Interactions between climate and the rise of explosive volcanic plumes: A new feedback in the Earth system)

Shawn Chartrand (PhD, Geography: Pool-riffle dynamics in mountain streams: Implications for maintenance, formation and equilibrium)

Victor L'Herm (BSc, ENS, Lyons; Experiments on the effects of ash- and lapilli-sized particles on mixing into volcanic jets)

Kathi Unglert (PhD, Geophysics: Towards a global classification of volcanic tremor)

Johan Gilchrist (BSc, Geophysics; Dynamics of multiply layered eruption clouds)

Jean-Baptiste Wacheul (BSc, ENS, Paris; Enigmatic transport of xenoliths in dikes)

Kirsten Hodge (PhD, Geophysics; Field and experimental constraints on the deformation and breakup of injected magma)

Thomas Aubry (MSc, ENS, Cachan; Dissolution of pyrite in an analog ocean by forced convection)

Eric Deal (Undergraduate RA; Visualization and quasi 2D Dynamics of multiphase eruption clouds)

Xena Montague (BSc, Honors; Field petrology and structural analyses of ladder dikes in the Cathedral Peak Granodiorite, Tuolomne Intrusive Suite)

Amelia Bain (MSc, Geology; Quantitative field constraints on the dynamics of silicic magma chamber rejuvenation and overturn)

Heather Wilson (MSc, Geology; A new method for diagnosing and distinguishing magma mixing and overpressure events using chemical variations in plagioclase)

Catherine Robin (MSc, Physics; Transient mantle convection on Venus)

Vid Thayalan (MSc, Physics; Effects of subduction and stirring on boundary layer dynamics in bottom-heated mantle convection)

Conrad Koziol (BSc, Geophysics)

Simon Cabanes (MSc, ENS, Lyon; 2D dynamics of turbulent multiphase intrusions)

Andrew Pare (BSc, Geophysics; Sedimentation from particle-laden freshwater intrusions into saltwater: Will glacial floods deliver much freshwater to the surface of the north Atlantic? )

Hideharu Uno (BSc, Geophysics; Anisotropic elastic structure of western Canada)