9/1995 - 2/1999 Ph.D. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Research School of Earth Science, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.
Dissertation: “Mixing by natural convection with applications to the differentiation of magmas, the Earth’s core, and the mantle”. 

1/1992 - 5/1994 M.S. Geology, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.
Thesis: “The Twin Peaks caldera: A unique window into the emplacement and evolution of a caldera-filling ignimbrite”. 

8/1986 - 5/1990 A.B. Geology (Honors) and History (Honors), Hamilton College, Clinton, New York; Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude.
Theses: (Geology) “The prehistoric plinian eruption of Alcedo Volcano, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador”. (History) “Understanding McCarthyism: determining the McCarthy historian's reason for writing”.

Awards and Honors
2020 University of Oregon Meierjurgen Fellowship

2017 NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement

2016 EOAS Undergraduate Instructor of the Year

2015 UBC Killam Teaching Prize

2015 CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund

2012 Named Senior Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

2011 EOAS Undergraduate Instructor of the Year

2011 UBC Faculty Killam Research Fellowship

2006 Invited Professor, L’Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris

2003 Elected Scholar, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
2001 Mason Trust Fellowship to Univ. Canterbury, Christ Church, New Zealand.
1999 Miller Research Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley.
1999 NSF Postdoctoral fellowship (declined in favor of Miller fellowship).
1995 Australian National University Ph.D. Scholarship.
1995 Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship (OPRS) to the Research School of Earth Sciences, the Australian National University.
1993 James F. Fitgerald Scholarship for the study of volcanic rocks in Idaho (U. Idaho).
1990 Elihu Root Fellowship for graduate studies in science (Hamilton College).
1989 Rogers Prize in Geology (Hamilton College).
1989 L. David Hawley Prize Scholarship in Geology (Hamilton College).

Various experience

7/2013 – Present, Professor, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, U. British Columbia

7/2008 – 7/2013, Assoc. Prof., Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, U. British Columbia

1/2005 – 7/2008, Assist. Prof., Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, U. British Columbia

4/2003 – 12/2004, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, The University of Toronto.

8/2002 – 4/2003 Research Fellow, UC Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science.

8/2002 – 12/2002 Lecturer, UC Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science. Develped and taught a new version of (EPS 104) “Mathematical methods in geophysics” for undergraduates and beginning graduate students.

1/2000 - 5/2000 Lecturer, UC Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science. Developed and taught a course entitled (EPS 219) “Topics in geological fluid mechanics I: Convection in magma chambers” for Spring of 2000. A final projects from one student developed into a manuscript recently published in Nature.

8/1999 – 2002 Miller Research Fellow, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley. 

7/1998 – 8/1998 Visiting Lecturer, ANU Geology Department. Developed a short course in geological fluid mechanics for third year undergraduate students. The course involved lectures and laboratory exercises aimed at understanding the principles of natural convection and their application to problems in economic geology and ore genesis.

2/1998 – 12/999 High Access Technician, Feed the Rat Inc., Canberra, Australia. Designed and implemented rigging systems to “fly” painting contractors throughout the fire-safety system in the Australian Parliament House. Painters had to be flown noiselessly inside a labrynth of tunnels that composed the space between the delicate ceilings for committee rooms and the actual roof of the building (no contact with the underlying ceilings was permitted because the resultant noise would disrupt the meetings below). Tasks encountered on a regular basis were complex and often improbable, requiring highly creative (and cost-efficient) problem solving strategies.

9/1994 – 2/1995 Temporary Geologist, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, Baker City, Oregon. Designed and conducted field and stable isotopic studies of Quaternary sinter and travertine deposits as part of an assessment of the geothermal resource potential of central Lake County, Oregon. Got to explore some truly beautiful country

1/1992 – 12/1993 Instructional Assistant, University of Idaho. Taught introductory labs and field camp.

5/1990 -- 1/1992 Ski Racer, Breckenridge, CO.

8/1986 – 5/1995 Construction worker (carpenter, construction foreman), Funded my education and brief career in ski racing by working a broad variety of construction/ carpentry jobs (Hamilton College, N.Y., Nyack, NY; Breckenridge, CO., and Pullman, WA). Had lots of other jobs as well in all walks of life. The practical problem solving and people skills learned (both with projects and with managing people under these circumstances) have proven to be invaluable to the success of my current research and teaching.

9/1983-5/1990 Lighting and Scenic designer for theater and (later) dance. This was really fun until it wasn’t.  I love dance, in particular, to this day.