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EOAS-SEI: Flexible Learning Project

This project aims to enhance the flexibility, quality and efficiency of learning and delivery for related Distance Education (DE), face to face (F2F) and blended courses. The 3-fold approach will be to 1) apply current DE best practices to F2F courses, 2) adapt F2F best practices for use online, and 3) introduce new resources that work in both settings.

We have choosen two related sets of courses in order to ensure that resources and strategies developed will be usable in a variety of courses and at various levels of our degree programs. Currently the focus is on DE and f2f versions of EOSC 116 (Mesozoic Earth: Time of the Dinosaurs) and EOSC 326 (Earth and Life Through Time). Other sets of courses will be addressed as well starting in January 2015.

A 3-page short version of the project proposal is here in PDF format. Please contact Francis Jones for more details, or to see the full 8-pg project proposal.