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EOAS-SEI: People

Faculty and STLFs (Science Teaching and Learning Fellows)
Name Specialization Room email =
Sara Harris Senior Instructor; Project director. eosSouth 353    xyz = sharris
Francis Jones Background in applied geophysics. STLF in EOAS 2007-2014; TLF, flexible learning initiative, EOAS. eosSouth 361    xyz = fjones
Tara Holland Background in biological science/ecology and biophysical geography; TLF, EOAS cwsei extension since 2014. eosSouth 361    xyz = tholland
Sarah B. Sherman Background in geology, volcanology and geoscience education; TLF, EOAS cwsei extension since 2014. eosSouth 361    xyz = ssherman
Sara Harris
Sara Harris
Francis Jones
Francis Jones
Tara Holland
Tara Holland
picture coming soon!
Sarah Sherman

Colleagues who have moved on

- Brett Gilley: STLF, now Instructor at UBC for Vantage College and EOAS.
- Alison Jolley, U.Grad. Hons. and RA, now PhD student, Geosci. Ed. Research Group, Canterbury, NZ.
- Josh Caulkins: STLF, now at University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.
- Erin Lane: STLF, then Lecturer, then M.B.A. student.
- Ben Kennedy: STLF, now Professor at University of Canterbury.

EOAS-SEI Project steering committee   (Teaching Initiative Committee):
Name Position
Sara Harris (Committee chair) Instructor (Environmental, climate and geosciences).
F. Jones STLF
T. Holland STLF
T. Ivanochko Instructor (Environmental science, Oceanography and climate).
J. Scoates Professor, Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry, Magmatic Ore Deposits, Geochronology
S. Crowe Assistant Professor, Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistr

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Contributors

Here is a complete table of students and their contributions. Our Department has benefited from the enthusiastic, energetic and imaginative contributions from at least 24 graduate and 10 undergraduate student project participants.

Related Groups and Organizations

Contact pointers for science education related organizations and resources at UBC and beyond.