SOG buildbot Automated Testing SystemΒΆ

Development of SOG is supported by a buildbot installation on a collection of the ocean machines. Buildbot runs the code with a variety of input files and compares the results to stored reference results files. This serves to check that changes made in one area of the code do not cause the model to break horribly for other scenarios. The builds also produce timeseries graphs of key model variables that compare the build results to the reference results.

A limited set of builds are triggered to run 20 minutes after the last push of changes to any of the 4 repositories (SOG, SOG-code, SOG-initial, SOG-forcing). A more extensive set of builds run at night on any day when there have been commits to any of the 4 repositories. The same set of builds is run early every Saturday morning, whether or not there have been commits during the preceding week. This provides a check that the buildbot system is functional, and confirms that changes in the ocean machines operating system, configuration, or other platform issues have not broken SOG.

The web interface to the SOG buildbot is at and the its operation and configuration is documented at It is also included in the SOG trac Code Browser and Issue Tracker:.

You can follow the buildbot’s activities by subscribing to its Atom/RSS feed, or via an email list. See the docs for details.

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