SOG trac Code Browser and Issue Tracker

An instance of trac provides a code browser and issue tracker for SOG and the SOG buildbot. A user id and password is required to access the SOG trac.

The web interface to the SOG trac is at

Commit notification message that are generated by Mercurial when changes are pushed to the any of the 4 model repositories (SOG, SOG-code, SOG-initial, SOG-forcing), or the SOG-buildbot repository contain links to the changesets in the trac code browser. Changeset views in the code browser are highlighted to clearly show exactly what has been changed in each file in the changeset.

Deployment of trac on EOAS ocean Cluster

trac is deployed via a Python virtualenv on ocean. The tracd server runs on bjossa.

The following notes document the deployment of trac in Dec-2013 when it was migrated to new bjossa hardware.

Create a virtualenv and install trac and mercurial from PyPI:

$ cd /ocean/dlatorne/.virtualenvs/
$ virtualenv trac-1.0
$ source trac-1.0/bin/activate
(trac-1.0)$ pip install trac mercurial

Since the new bjossa hardware was being set up in parallel with the still-running old hardware, copy the trac data directory and upgrade it separately from the running instance data:

(trac-1.0)$ cd /ocean/dlatorne
(trac-1.0)$ mkdir trac-1.0
(trac-1.0)$ cp -pr trac/projects trac/users.htdigest trac-1.0/
(trac-1.0)$ cd trac-1.0/
(trac-1.0)$ trac-admin projects/SOG upgrade
(trac-1.0)$ trac-admin projects/SOG wiki upgrade
(trac-1.0)$ trac-admin projects/SOG-buildbot upgrade
(trac-1.0)$ trac-admin projects/SOG-buildbot wiki upgrade

Install the trac mercurial-plugin by cloning its repo into the new data directory and installing it from the clone into the virtualenv:

(trac-1.0)$ cd trac-1.0
(trac-1.0)$ hg clone
(trac-1.0)$ cd mercurial-plugin
(trac-1.0)$ python install

Add a cron job to start the tracd server when the machine reboots:


@reboot $TRACD -d -p 9000 -e $TRAC_ENV --pidfile=$TRAC_PID --auth=*,$TRAC_USERS,SOG

Start the tracd server with:

(trac-1.0)$ tracd -d -p 9000 -e /ocean/dlatorne/trac/projects --pidfile=/ocean/dlatorne/trac/ --auth=*,/ocean/dlatorne/trac/users.htdigest,SOG

User Management

The trac deployment uses Apache HTTP digest authentication. The password file is /ocean/dlatorne/trac/users.htdigest.

Add or change a user’s password with:

(trac-1.0)$ htdigest users.htdigest SOG <username>

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