UBC ATSC 313 Renewable Energy Meteorology

Subject: Syllabus Topic Overview      (dm)

Organization of Themes and Topics in this Course


Theme: Intro & Basics 

  1. Orientation and Renewable-energy Basics 

Theme: Hydro Power Meteorology 

  1. Hydroelectric generation
  2. Global distribution of precipitation 
  3. Synoptic and mesoscale precipitation patterns & variations 
  4. Topographic effects and precipitation forecasting 

Theme: Wind Power Meteorology 

  1. Global, synoptic and mesoscale wind patterns 
  2. Atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) 
  3. Orographic & local winds 
  4. Wind-power forecasting 

Theme: Solar Power Meteorology

  1. Global & synoptic distribution of incoming solar energy 
  2. Solar power generation 
  3. Clouds. Sunshine forecasting 
  4. Human factors 

Theme: Synthesis of Renewable Energy Meteorology Concepts

  1. Simultaneous storm effects on different renewable energies 
  2. Population growth and our energy future