Week 14
UBC  ATSC 201 - Meteorology of Storms

Topic Calendar - Fall 2022

In the calendar below, click on the Week to see the reading, homework, and lab assignments due that week. 

Week Monday (D1) Wednesday (D3) Friday (D5)
Week 1 5 Sep.
7 Sep. (W1D3)
Welcome, Meteorological Conventions, JiTT Methods & Thunderstorm Intro. 
9 Sep. (W1D5)
Meteorological Variables, Basic Thermo, Standard Atmosphere & Excel Demo #1
Week 2 12 Sep.  (W2D1)
Basic Thermo,  Hydrostatic Relationships & Excel Demo #2.
14 Sep.  (W2D3)
Thunderstorm Characteristics & Types (including Supercells)
16 Sep. (W2D5)
Thunderstorm Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCS), Radar Fundamentals & Storm Chasing Tips
Week 3 19 Sep.  (W3D1)
Radar image interpretation
21 Sep. (W3D3)
Atmos. Radiation
23 Sep .  (W3D5)
Forces acting on the air
Week 4 26 Sep. (W4D1)
28 Sep. (W4D3)
Winds & Continuity
30 Sep. (W4D5) - Holiday
Continuity &  Vorticity (to be covered elsewhere)   
 Week 5 3 Oct. (W5D1)
5 Oct. (W5D3)
Vorticity, Helicity, Tornadoes
7 Oct. (W5D5)
Lightning & Thunder- Part 1.
Week 6 10 Oct. (W6D1)
12 Oct. (W6D3)
Lagrangian heat budget
14 Oct. (W6D5)
 Eulerian heat budget
Week 7 17 Oct. (W7D1)
Hail, and Lightning & Thunder - Part 2

19 Oct. (W7D3)
Moisture: Saturation & Variables, Diagrams
21 Oct. (W7D5)
Moisture Budgets: Lagrangian & Eulerian.
Week 8 24 Oct. (W8D1)
Thermo Diagrams - Part 1: Components, Types, & Thermo State
26 Oct. (W8D3)
Thermo Diagrams - Part 2: Applications
28 Oct. (W8D5)
Soundings, Static Stability, and CAPE
Week 9 31 Oct. (W9D1)
Downbursts & Gust Fronts
2 Nov. (W9D3)
Midterm Exam - In class (or if virtual due to COVID, then exam on Canvas with Zoom invigilation)
(open book, open notes, open calculator.)
4 Nov (W9D5)
Global Circulation1: Description, Differential Heating;  Thermal Circulations, Geostrophic Adjustment

Week 10 7 Nov. (W10D1)
Cloud Identification,  &
General Circulation2:  Thermal Wind.
9 Nov. (W10D3)
Holiday - Fall Break
11 Nov. (W10D5)
Holiday - Fall Break
Week 11 14 Nov. (W11D1)
Satellite-Image Interpretation
16 Nov. (W11D3)
Global Circulation3: Jet Streams and Rossby Waves
18 Nov. (W11D5)
 Airmasses & Fronts-1
Week 12 21 Nov. (W12D1)
Synoptic Weather Maps, Isopleth Tutorial.
23 Nov. (W12D3)
Fronts-2 and Extratropical Cyclones 1- Characteristics & Evolution
25 Nov. (W12D5)
Extratropical Cyclones 2 - Cyclogenesis
Week 13 28 Nov. (W13D1)
Cyclones3: Case-studies .
30 Nov. (W13D3)
Hurricane Characteristics, Structure & Evolution
2 Dec. (W13D5)
Hurricane Dynamics & Thermodynamics
Week 14
5 Dec. (W14D1) - last class
Hurricane Models, Climatology, Hazards & Forecasting
7 Dec. (W14D3) - last class
West-coast Weather & Review

. . Optional Review Sessions to answer your questions about the learning goals.  (schedule tbd)
Final Exam - (In the final exam room.  But if virtual due to COVID, then remote exam on Canvas, invigilated on Zoom)
(time to be set by UBC)
 (open book, open notes, open calculator.) 
. . .


Homeworks are always due Monday (unless it is a holiday, then the HW is due Wed ).  Late HWs will not be marked (except during the first 2 weeks of term, when students are adding/dropping courses). ( submit pdf copies of your homework online via the Assignments page in Canvas.)

Online Warm-up Exercises are always due Tuesday before 10 pm, and Thursday before 10 pm.   Do your reading assignments during the day and a half before each Warm-up Exercise is due.

This Fall 2022, you will use the free  iClicker Student app  (previously known as iClicker REEF) on your mobile device or computer.  UBC students get a free account on this iClicker Student app -- use your CWL to log into this ATSC 201 course in Canvas to get access.  We use the iClicker in almost every class (regardless of whether we are physically in the classroom, or teaching remotely via Zoom due to COVID),  so please bring your mobile device with iClicker-Student app to class.  (We will not use the old "physical" hand-held iClicker transmitter this term.)