UBC  ATSC 201 - Meteorology of Storms


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Homework Answers

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Study Guides for Exams:

Old Exams:

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Current Weather

Current weather Forecasts from Stull's research team:  2-day Fcst for UBC7-day Fcst for UBC, .

Current weather satellite loops
  -- best GOES loops in Fall 2019:

  -- best Polar orbiting loops in Fall 2019:

Current weather radar (UWash) loops.

The EC/UNBC weather viewer WxV .

Other Resources and Tutorials 

Sample Warm-up Exercise (as you would normally access from the UBC "Canvas" link)

Spreadsheet tutorials.   Note: UBC students get free access to Microsoft Office 365, which you can download from https://it.ubc.ca/software-downloads

 Case Studies of some interesting events.

Tornado research status as of 2012 (full article available at UBC) . If off campus, see abstract

Roadmap showing how chapters relate to storm processes.   

Blank Hodograph .

Practical Guide for Winds .

Key Thermodynamic Variables -- a very brief overview.

List of Humidity Variables.   Psychrometric Graphs.pdf (to find humidity, given dry and web-bulb temperatures)

Upper-Air Soundings & Thermo Diagram Tutorials:

  1. Basic: Understanding and Using Soundings .
    1. The Environment
    2. Soundings
    3. Air Parcels (Summary of which lines to follow)
    4. Static Stability
    5. Predicting Storm Intensity
    6. Conclusions
    7. (Activities)
  2. Intermediate: Creating & Using Thermo Diagrams using Spreadsheet .
    1. Spreadsheet Thermodynamics - the Emagram
    2. Plotting a Sounding
    3. Additional Practice
  3. How to identify which thermo diagram you have.
  4. Results from a balloon sounding made from UBC 26 Sep 2002 .
  5. Blank pdf copies of thermodynamic diagrams created by Stull:
    1. grey (easy to photocopy):  emagram, skew-T, tephigram (simplified) , Stuve, theta-z, and boundary-layer versions
      (Note: emagram and theta-z diagrams based on Stull 2000: Meteorology for Scientists and Engr, 2nd Ed., Cengage, used with permission.)
    2. color (easy to print): 1) emagram , 2) Stüve , 3) skew-T , 4) tephigram ,  5) theta-z ,
    3. special color thermo diagrams zoomed for the boundary layer:  6) skewT-ABL , 7) thetaZ-ABL
  6. Blank thermo diagrams from other sources:
  7. Where to get real-time soundings plotted on thermo diagrams:
    1. Univ. of Wyoming  (Google search on "u wy soundings")
    2. National Center for Atmospheric Research (Google search on "rap soundings")
    3. NCEP Storm Prediction Center (Google search on "spc soundings")
    4. UNBC animated loops of soundings via the "PROFILE" link. (Google search on "unbc wxv")
    5. Soundings from commercial aircraft as they ascend or descend near airports.  (need password)

Static-Stability Practice with the nonlocal "apex" method.

Radar Storm Image Interpretation Tutorial .

Radar web sites (list of tutorials and live display sites). 

Satellite Storm Image Interpretation Tutorial .

Jet-stream worldwide live animation on nullschool by Cameron Beccario .  (You can select different heights and weather variables to animate.)

Online educational resources for a wide range of intro meteorology courses & topics:  UCAR.COMET .
(Note:  You need to register with COMET, but registration is free.)

Weather data and map analysis info:  

Links to other web sites about fronts and extratropical cyclones
Copy of slides presented in class about regional/local weather and West-coast Weather

How to take striking cloud photos using High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography with your smartPhone or iPad.

Nice collections of cloud photos:

Cloud Identification Tables ( schematic , movies - still under construction).

YouTube clips of weather, as used in Lecture.  (Note, the "Days" listed here do NOT correspond to specific lecture days.)  List of video links

For K-12 School Teachers .

Various invited talks given by Stull:  For WCWW .    For Norway .    For WWOSC as pdf or ppt .    For UCAR-Canada .  For PNWWW2015 Arctic .  For ARRCU2015 - Clim. & BSc .   For CEATI-2015 .  For BC MoE 2017 .  For UCAR Cloud Computing 2017For CCArray 2017 .  For Purdue 2017StanleyParkWindstorm2006 . For PNWWW 2018 as pdf or pptx . For 2018CFD as pdf or pptx.  For 2018 AB-Min.Env as pdf or pptx . For 2019 BC-Min.Env BlueSky. as pdf .