UBC  ATSC 201 - Meteorology of Storms

Calendar Description:


Storms are organized systems involving

You will study storms of a wide range of temporal and spatial scales:

You will learn:

...via your study of

To detect, track, report, and forecast storms, you will learn some of the meteorological tools:

... and in-class tutorials & on-line weather briefings demonstrate other tools:

All of this is not just a superficial descriptive overview, but you will gain a quantitative familiarity with the equations that describe the:

… of storms via:

You also can contemplate the broader issues and philosophy of doing science via:

You will refine your ability to approach & solve scientific problems

Most importantly, we will studied the beauty, power, and destructiveness of storms, via:
. . • YouTube videos,
. . . • web images and slide shows, and
. . . .  • weather briefings.

You will learn safe ways to chase storms & photograph them, and will learn about resources available on the web.

Web links above [Home | Assignments, etc.] include important information for this course, and should used continuously during the term. These links are found on each of the ATSC 201 web pages. The web links below [Atmos.Sci.Prog. | Weather Web Sites, etc.] give other weather info that you might enjoy.

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