UBC  ATSC 201 - Meteorology of Storms

In Case of Extreme Environmental Conditions (e.g., snow)

Weather Contingency Plan for Class Sessions, Quizzes, and Exams: In-person, on campus activities may need to be cancelled due to issues such as weather conditions (e.g., snow). The most up-to-date information about cancellations will be posted on ubc.ca. Please check ubc.ca often during times when an extreme weather event could disrupt our course activities. If in-person classes or exams are cancelled, the following contingency plans will take effect. The uncertainty that comes with extreme weather events can be stressful. Rest assured we will be flexible with assignment deadlines and communicate with you as early as we can. We will try to communicate with you about weather-related class cancellations through Canvas and Piazza announcements. Here is what you can expect in the event an in-person class session, quiz, or exam is cancelled:

In case in-person classes are cancelled due to weather: If in-person activities are cancelled due to weather or other environmental conditions, class will be held online at the normally scheduled times/dates. The Zoom link will be posted on Canvas. For those unable to participate in an online class on short notice, I will provide a lecture recording that is posted to Canvas.

For any Homework or other Activity that would have been due on the date of the cancelled in-person class: The activity will be posted on Canvas for you to complete and submit via Canvas by the normal deadline.

All quizzes are already online, and will continue as normally scheduled. Instructions for how to take any scheduled midterm exam online will be posted on Canvas. If you are unable to participate in the online midterm, please contact me. If you have time accommodations for the midterm, we will provide those accommodations. For any other accommodations, please reach out to the CFA as soon as possible to work out a plan exam.coordinator@ubc.ca. If you are registered to write exams at the Centre for Accessibility, I encourage you to reach out to your CfA advisor well in advance to discuss the weather contingency plan for this course.