UBC  ATSC 201 - Meteorology of Storms

UBC Values

See more info below.

Student Wellbeing

To take care of your mental and physical health and manage your personal safety so that you can do your best while you're at UBC.
• Info: https://students.ubc.ca/health
• Wellness Centre: https://students.ubc.ca/health/wellness-centre .

Resources for Students

Lots of info at  https://students.ubc.ca

Wellbeing and Grades

Your grade in this course is not a measure of your value as a human being.  It is just a speed-bump in the road of life. 

Don't stress.  The UBC Exam Schedule webpage has tips on how to do your best on exams.

Academic Freedom

UBC Policy on Academic Freedom. http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=3,33,86,0

Freedom from Harassment and Discrimination

UBC Policy on Freedom from Harassment and Discrimination.  http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=3,33,87,0

UBC Policy on Sexual Assualt and Other Sexual Misconduct

• UBC Policy Statement 131. https://bog3.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2017/04/1.3_2017.04_Policy-131.pdf

• Resources for the prevention of sexual violence and support for survivors.  https://sexualviolenceresponse.ubc.ca