UBC, Dep't EOAS, eosc326: Coastline fossils activity

Please read this introduction. Carry out tasks in the order presented. You will see "<=", "index", "=>" navigation buttons on the top and bottom of pages.

This interactive sequence offers a more interesting way to work with some of the geological and palaeontological concepts in this course.

Goals: You will start with a little basic geology, then interpret five fossils and their deposition environments. Actual fossils are from various places but in this exercise we are IMAGINING that they were collected near each other somewhere in north eastern British Columbia. This is in fact a very plausible set of specimens for this area. You will use results to determine constraints on the timing and location of the western edge of the North American Inland Sea during middle to late Cretaceous.

Sometimes the activity looks like it is giving you "points" or "marks". These are NOT real grades - they are simply a part of the interactive learning environment.

Please keep notes of any questions, confusions or comments you have. You are to take a short quiz with some questions taken from this activity plus some feedback questions to help us do better next time.

We hope you enjoy "playing" with this learning sequence and your feedback will be very much appreciated. Thanks, and have fun!

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