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EOS-SEI: Attitudinal Survey

Development of surveys about student attitudes towards Earth Science

This component of the EOS-SEI project aims to track students' attitudes about science and scientific thinking as they progress through courses taught by EOS. Currently the work is being lead by STLF Erin Lane.

February 2012
Just published - SPESS: A New Instrument for Measuring Student Perceptions in Earth and Ocean Science, Alison Jolley, Erin Lane, Ben Kennedy, and Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze, Journal of Geoscience Education 2012 60:1, 83-91

September 2009

Alison Jolley has been analyzing data over summer 2009 and results are being prepared for presentation.

At this time, SAESS has been fully validated by expert responses and student interviews.  The survey now consists of 29 statements, which have been grouped in seven categories based on reduced basis factor analysis from student survey responses.  The methodology for developing this survey along with preliminary results is in the process of being submitted for publication.   Results summarized in two EOS-SEI Times articles.

Instructor summaries have been sent out for 2008-2009 semesters.  Over 6000 students have participated in the SAESS survey and we currently have approximately 30 courses participating in the survey.   The survey has grown to include more upper level courses that are specifically for earth and ocean science majors. This allows us to track specific students through the program and differentiate between different levels of students in the field.

May 2008

Results from fall 2007 have been analyzed. A refined version of the survey was deployed in January 2008 for use pre- and post-course in the winter term.

Results of tests were analyzed and some were presented at the CWSEI end of year (spring 2008) event, as well as the EOS Department Retreat.

November 2007

A "version 2.0" of the Student Attitudes about Earth Sciences Survey (SAESS) has been deployed for students in 6 large-section courses. Questions are being validated based upon interviews with students and faculty.

Data collection and template design has been completed. We continue to develop suitable data analysis procedures. The survey is being modified for implementation in a wider range of departments and courses.

June, 2007

The first attempt at a survey (our version 1.0) is being analyzed. Version 1.1 is being developed, based upon experience and validation interviews with undergraduates, taking place this summer.

March, 2007

We began with discussions regarding design of questions for a modified CLASS survey (Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey), suitable for use in the Earth Ocean and Atmospheric sciences context.

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