ATSC 201 - The Meteorology of Storms

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WELCOME to this course

Synopsis - An overview of the course.
Topic Schedule - A calendar of topics for each class meeting.
Learning Goals - What you will be able to do.
Course Structure - Summary of teaching methods & subjects.
Instructor - Roland Stull.
TAs - Reagan, Lili & Clinton
Textbooks & Software -  Textbook & iClicker - both are free.
Evaluation - Test and assignment weights.

Thunderstorm photo by Wolf Read 2010

Schedule and Location. Dates: 8 Sep through 6 Dec 2021 Pacific Time.
Lecture Times: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday starting at 2 pm Pacific Time .
             Location: CHEM room B-150. (large enough to have empty seats surrounding you)

Special COVID-safety statement (pdf)  about this in-person course. 

Guidelines, Info & Resources
   Keep Learning during COVID.  Tips on successful remote learning.
   Foreign Issues - For students taking UBC courses while abroad,
        please understand the laws of the country you are in.
   Learning Commons tips, support, skills, including Online Learning tips. 
   Health and Wellbeing - including special resources during COVID.
   Netiquette - Treat your online classmates with respect.
   Academic Integrity - Don't cheat.
   Accessibility, Accommodation & Academic Concessions - So all can thrive.
   Wellness Info - So that you can do your best.

If you have financial difficulties acquiring the technology you need to participate fully in this course, please contact your Enrolment Services Advisor and ask about "Technology Bursaries".

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You can view current weather forecasts for UBC-Vancouver , UBC Okanagan , and Whistler Village .
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Photo copyright İ 2010 by Wolf Read, used with permission.