Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers, 3rd Edition

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"Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers, 3rd Edition" (MSE3) was written in 2011.  Updates were made in 2015 to half of the chapters, and the book was re-titled as "Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science" (PrMet).  Some readers prefer the original 2011 edition, which is made available here.  Both books cover the same topics in the same order.   The online pdf files linked below are free to users.   This MSE3 book will not be revised - - for newer material, see the Practical Meteorology book.  

Stull, R., 2011: "Meteorology for Scientists & Engineers, 3rd Edition."  Univ. of British Columbia.  938 pages.  isbn 978-0-88865-178-5  

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Title, Contents, Preface
Chapters (as pdf files designed for printing or viewing)
1. The Atmosphere
2. Radiation
3. Heat
4. Moisture
5. Stability (& thermo diagrams)
6. Clouds
7. Precipitation
8. Remote Sensing
9. Weather Reports & Map Anaysis
10. Dynamics
11. Global Circulation
12. Airmasses & Fronts
13. Extratropical Cyclones
14. Thunderstorms
15. Thunderstorm Hazards
16. Hurricanes
17. Local Winds
18. Atmospheric Boundary Layer
19. Air Pollution Dispersion
20. Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)
21. Natural Climate Processes
22. Optics
A. Fundamentals of Science
B. Constants & Conversion Factors
Index & Errata

Index for MSE3  881-924

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