EOSC 220 · Introductory Mineralogy

Introduction to crystallography, physical and chemical properties of minerals. Recognition and identification of common minerals.

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Learning goals: 
By the end of this course, students should be able to: (1) Use atomic structure and crystallography to identify and explain the properties and groupings of common minerals. (2) Explain correlations between relevant chemical concepts (e.g., substitution and solid solution) and the parts of chemical formulas that control the properties and groupings of common minerals. (3) Describe and explain the processes and environments that lead to common associations of minerals in rocks. (4) Observe, describe, and measure properties of mineral hand specimens to identify minerals and place them in groups. (5) Develop interpersonal and practical skills useful in future careers, such as working in groups to make decisions and preparing individual laboratory term projects. (6) Apply mineralogy concepts and skills learned in lecture and lab to geological, materials science, environmental, and economic topics. (7) Appreciate the rarity, beauty, and usefulness of Earth’s minerals.


    James Scoates (lead instructor), Matthijs Smit

    Course Content

    Students currently enrolled in the course can access content on the course CONNECT website by using their Campus Wide Login (CWL). Access will be available on the first day of class and the first set of lecture slides will be available starting at the end of the first class.

    Lecture Topics

    See Course Webpage on UBC Connect.  Lectures are Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-2:00 pm in ESB 1012.


    See Course Webpage on UBC Connect. Please note that there are no labs in the first week of class - labs begin in Week 2. Lab room is EOS Main 127.