EOSC 321 · Igneous Petrology

The origin and formation of igneous rocks. [2-3-0]
Prerequisite: EOSC 221.

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Learning Goals

  1. Describe, classify, and correctly name igneous rocks based on field and lab data.
    These include the morphology of the body, observations on the field relationship of the rock, the macroscopic texture of the rock, shapes and sizes of minerals in thin sections, correct identification of minerals in the rock.
  2. Interpret the origin and formation of igneous rocks.
    These include the place of formation for major magmas, the tectonic setting necessary to produce the magma, the thermal regime and depth of magma generation.


Maya Kopylova


Lecture - John Winter

Lecture Topics

Lecture Topic
1 Introduction
2 Overview
3 Chemical classification of igneous rocks
4 CIPW Norm Calculation
5 Interpretation of fabric. Phase Rule.
6 Binary Systems
7 Binary Peritectic Systems
8 Ternary Systems
9 Kimberlites
10 Mid-Term
11 Trace and Major Element Chemistry Interpretation
12 Mantle petrology
13 Rare Earth Elements
14 Melting
15 Primary magmas
16 Isotopes as Petrogenetic Indicators I
17 Hawaiian volcanism
18 Mid-Term Examination
19 Tholeiitic and Alkaline magmatism
Basalts as examples of mantle magmas
20 Tectono-magmatic associations.
Mid-ocean ridge basalts
21 Continental flood basalts and Magmatism of continental rifts
22 Granites: classification and origin
23 Metallongeny and Plutonism: Some examples in the Cordillera
24 Magmatism of Subduction zones: island arcs
25 Magmatism of Subduction zones: continental arcs
26 Kimberlites
27 Carbonatites



Week Topic
1 No Lab 
2 Lab 0: Review of Optical Properties of Minerals
3 Lab 1: Ultramafic Rocks
4 Lab 2: Mafic Plutonic Rocks
5 Lab 3: Basalts and other mafic volcanic rocks
6 No Lab 4 - Reading Week
7 Lab 4: Granitoids
8 Lab 5: Felsic plutonic rocks
9 Lab 6: Intermediate and Felsic volcanic rocks
10 Lab 7: Pyroclastic rocks
11 Lab 8: Kimberlites, lamprophyres and carbonatites
12 Lab 9: Alkaline Rocks
13 Lab Exam