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Journal Article
Robson P, Jensen E, Hawkins S, White SR, Kenobi K, Clifton-Brown J, Donnison I, Farrar K. 2013. Accelerating the domestication of a bioenergy crop: identifying and modelling morphological targets for sustainable yield increase in Miscanthus. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 64:4143-4155.
Conference Paper
Beckie RD, Aranda C, Blackmore SR, Peterson HE, D. Hirsche T, Javadi M, Blaskovich R, Haupt C, Dockrey J, Conlan M et al.. 2011. A study of the mineralogical, hydrological and biogeochemical controls on drainage from waste rock at the Antamina Mine, Peru : an overview.
Singurindy O, Ugalde MELorca, Peterson H., Hirsche T, Javadi M., Blackmore S., Aranda C.A, Mayer K.U, Beckie R., Smith L. 2012. Spatial and Temporal Variations of O2 and CO2 Pore Gas Concentrations in an Experimental Waste Rock Pile at the Antamina Mine, {Peru. Proceedings of the 9th {International} {Conference} on {Acid} {Rock} {Drainage.
Hodge KF, Jellinek A.M. 2012. A Simple Mechanical Recipe for Andesites. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. 1:2886.
Pedretti D, Peterson H, Blackmore S, Javadi M, Ugalde MELorca, Laurenzi L, St Arnault M, Skierszkan E, K. Mayer U, Beckie RD. 2014. Scaling the hydrological and geochemical processes that control drainage from waste-rock piles: an overview.. EGU} {General} {Assembly} {Conference} {Abstracts. 16:9996.
Finnigan TD, Allen S.E, Lawrence GA, Steyn DG, Jackson PL, Zhu DZ. 1997. A physical model of outflow winds in Howe Sound, British Columbia. 12TH SYMPOSIUM ON BOUNDARY LAYERS AND TURBULENCE. :506-507.
Hodge KF, Jellinek M. 2017. Mixing magmas: A mechanical recipe for Earth's continental crust. 2017 IAVCEI meeting, Portland.
Hodge KF, Jellinek A.M. 2008. Linking a Magma's Microstructure to a Macroscopic Description of its Rheology. 2008 IAVCEI meeting, Iceland.
Javadi M, Peterson HE, K. Mayer U, Beckie RD. 2014. Investigation of effective neutralization potential in Antamina Mine waste rock using numerical modeling. Geological {Society} of {America}, 2014 annual meeting & exposition. 46:718.
Hodge KF, Jellinek A.M. 2008. Field And Experimental Constraints on the Rheology of Silicic Magma. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. 1:2215.
Hodge KF, Carazzo G, Jellinek A.M. 2011. Experimental constraints on the formation of mafic enclaves vs. mafic layers: Why are some silicic plutons layered and others not? AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. 1:2580.
Witte PA, Louboutin M, Modzelewski H, Jones C, Selvage J, Herrmann FJ. 2019. Event-driven workflows for large-scale seismic imaging in the cloud. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts. :3984-3988.
Javadi M., Peterson H., Blackmore S., Mayer K.U, Beckie R.D, L. Smith and. 2012. Evaluating preferential flow in an experimental waste rock pile using unsaturated flow and solute transport modeling..
Herrmann FJ, Jones C, Gorman G, Hückelheim J, Lensink K, Kelly PHJ, Kukreja N, Modzelewski H, Lange M, Louboutin M et al.. 2019. Accelerating ideation & innovation cheaply in the Cloud the power of abstraction, collaboration & reproducibility. 4th EAGE Workshop on High-performance Computing.
Book Chapter
Hart, JR C, Jenkins S. 2017. Surficial Geochemical Map Packages for British Columbia Porphyry Systems. Summary of Activities 2016, Report 2017-1. :159–164.
Blaine FA, Hart C.J.R, Jenkins S. 2016. Surficial Geochemical Exploration Data for British Columbia Porphyry Copper Deposits. Geoscience BC Report 2016-15.
Garcia MO, Smith JR, Tree JP, Wise S, Harrison L, Jicha BR. 2015. Petrology, geochemistry, and ages of lavas from Northwest Hawaiian Ridge volcanoes. The Origin, Evolution, and Environmental Impact of Oceanic Large Igneous Provinces. 511:1–25.