ATSC 303 · Methods in Atmospheric Science

Learning Goals

This course focuses on in-situ weather instruments.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
• use traditional and electronic weather instruments
• use and program modern data loggers
• explain how weather instruments work and describe their accuracy
• design and implement measurement strategies
• analyze data, including error propagation
• build new sensors using microcontrollers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.  

ATSC 201 · Meteorology of Storms

Learning Goals


  • This is a course on practical meteorology.
  • It is designed for students and professionals in science and engineering who want to understand and use basic concepts, but who don't need to derive the equations.
  • These concepts are demonstrated in the context of storms.
  • This course serves both as a terminal meteorology course for science & engineering students, and as an entry course for atmospheric-science (ATSC) majors.