EOSC 546 · Advanced Field Methods in Earth Science

Learning Goals

Recognition of hydrothermal minerals in magmatic hydrothermal deposits

Systematic mapping of igneous rocks, veins and mineralization in porphyry Cu-Au and related deposit types using the Anaconda mapping method.

Understanding of the metallogeny of magmatic hydrothermal deposits. 


Thomas Bissig

Farhad Bouzari

Murray Allan

Craig Hart

Course Content

This course is largely field based and includes 8-10 days of field visits and mapping. The focus is on porphyry style deposits.

EOSC 544 · Geodynamics

Course Description

The course focuses on topics of current interest related to the nature, causes and processes of tectonism in a variety of plate tectonic settings, including convergent margins, strike-slip margins and regions undergoing crustal extension.


Smit, M.A.

Course Content

The course will comprise two 1½ hour seminars per week. Each student will prepare an NSERC-style research proposal and present/defend it orally at the end of the term.

EOSC 542 · Advanced Volcanology

Course Description

The course consists of seminars and an independent research project supplemented by access to the senior undergraduate volcanology lectures and field trips. The course exposes graduate students to the cutting edge questions in volcanology, provides an overview of scientific approaches used in volcanology, and allows the students to participate in that science via the class seminar

EOSC 541 · Multi-component Reactive Transport Modeling in Groundwater

Learning Goals

Develop an appreciation for interactions between flow processes, solute and gas transport, and geochemical reactions – in saturated and unsaturated porous media

Introduction to groundwater modeling freeware available on the web for geochemical modeling, modeling of flow and transport in the vadose zone, and reactive transport modeling


Ulrich Mayer