Alice Chang

Project Manager (PCIGR)

Chief Operations Officer (CFIGR)

EOS South 359
(604) 822-3458

Alice is a research project manager with the Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research (PCIGR), where she assists with grant facilitation and public relations, and has a partial technical role with light stable isotope instrumentation. Alice is also the chief operations officer for the Canadian Facility for Isotopic and Geochemical Research (CFIGR), a joint facility between PCIGR and RADSIMS at the University of Alberta. As COO, Alice coordinates communications and meetings on behalf of the facility, and assists with grant facilitation. Alice is an EOAS alumna, obtaining a B.Sc. in 1995 and an M.Sc. in 1997.


  • 2018: Dipl., Publishing, Langara College, Vancouver
  • 2017: Cert., Editing, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  • 2004: Ph.D., Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa
  • 1997: M.Sc., Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences (now EOAS), UBC
  • 1995: B.Sc. (Hon., First Class), Department of Geology (now EOAS), UBC

Other Experience

  • Academic Editor, freelance
  • Project Coordinator, BeeHIVE UBC Research Excellence Cluster, UBC
  • Desktop Publisher, Environmental Resources Management, Ltd., Vancouver
  • Facilities Manager, Belowground Ecosystem Group, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, UBC
  • Lab Manager, Stable Isotope Facility, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, UBC
  • PDF/Research Associate: School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, Victoria

Research Interests

  • marine sedimentology, laminated sediments
  • marine micropaleontology, diatoms
  • marine geochemistry: biogenic proxies, carbon and nitrogen isotopes, trace elements
  • analytical instrumentation: isotope ratio mass spectrometer

Other Skills

  • technical and academic writing and editing (science, engineering, humanities)
  • graphic design
  • desktop publishing
  • website development and content management

Teaching Experience (as teaching assistant, substitute lecturer)

  • University of Victoria: courses in third-year chemical and geological oceanography, paleontology
  • Carleton University: courses in first-year geology, third-year paleontology, second- and fourth-year field geology; first-year geology lab coordinator
  • UBC: courses in first-year geology, third-year paleontology, fourth-year marine geology

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