Curtis Suttle


Associate Dean, FRSC, CM, Distinguished University Scholar

Biodiversity 346
(604) 822-8610
Not accepting students

Research in the Suttle laboratory is primarily focussed on viruses and their role in the environment. The work ranges from the characterization of viruses isolated from the environment to quatifiying the role of viruses in microbial mortality and nutrient cycling. The techniques employed range from nucleic-acid sequencing to oceanographic sampling. Some current projects are examining viruses and their roles in the oceans, high Arctic, deep mines, aeolian dust, lakes and migratory-bird ponds. Please check out the lab web page for more information on activities, people and publications.



Projects dealing primarily with algae/algal viruses and cyanobacteria/cyanophage:

Projects dealing primarily with heterotrophic bacteria/bacteriophage:

Graduate Students

  • PhD Oceanography
  • PhD Oceanography
  • PhD Oceanography
  • PhD Oceanography

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Research Associates:

  • Jan Finke

  • Melanie Prentice

  • Kevin Zhong

Graduate Students:

  • Alastair Roberts (PhD Oceanography)
  • Qi Yang (PhD Oceanography)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Yasmine Gouin

Emeritus Graduate Students:

  • Anwar AlQattan (PhD Oceanography)
  • Tianyi Chang  (PhD Oceanography)
  • Ezra Kitson     (MSc Microbiology)
  • Jessica Caleta  (MSc Microbiology)
  • Anna Cho   (MSc Microbiology)
  • Christoph Deeg   (PhD Microbiology)
  • Marli Vlok      (PhD Botany)
  • Jan Finke (Ph.D. Oceanography)
  • Richard White (PhD Microbiology)
  • Jérôme Payet (Ph.D. Oceanography)
  • Matthias Fischer (Ph.D. Microbiology)
  • Caroline Chénard (Ph.D. Oceanography)
  • Jessica Labonté (Ph.D. Microbiology)
  • Alvin Tian (M. Sc. Bioinformatics)
  • Masoud Namini (MEng Environ Engineer)
  • Emma Shelford (Ph. D. Oceanography)
  • Julia Gustavson (Ph. D. Oceanography)
  • Sean Brigden (M.Sc. Oceanography)
  • Feng Chen (Ph. D. Marine Science)
  • Jessie Clasen (Ph. D. Oceanography)
  • Matt Cottrell (Ph. D. Marine Science)
  • André Comeau (Ph. D. Microbiology)
  • Alex Culley (Ph. D. Botany)
  • Helen Drost (M.Sc. Oceanography)
  • Cindy Frederickson (M.Sc. Oceanography)
  • Randy Garza (MSc Marine Science)
  • Nicole McLearn (M.Sc. Oceanography)
  • Alice Ortmann (Ph. D. Oceanography)
  • Karen Reid (M.Sc. Oceanography)
  • Kristen Rodda (MSc Marine Science)
  • Steven Short (Ph.D. Botany)
  • Tanya St. John (M.Sc. Oceanography)
  • Vera Tai (M.Sc. Botany)

Emeritus Post-Doctoral Fellows:

  • Gideon Mordecai
  • Angela Stevenson
  • Cheryl Chow
  • Jennifer Wirth
  • Renat Adelshin
  • Danielle Winget
  • Azeem Ahmad
  • Hudson DeYoe
  • Emma Hambly
  • Janice Lawrence
  • Clemens Pausz
  • Marku Weinbauer
  • Steven Wilhelm


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