Filippo Cicchetti

PhD Geophysics



My research at UBC focuses on the magnetic field of the planet Mercury. With my supervisor, Prof. Catherine Johnson, we are specifically looking at the  crustal magnetization, whose evidence was discovered by Catherine and her group. Building on this, we want to establish what part of the magnetization we see was acquired in ancient times (more than 3.7 billion years ago), paying special attention to craters with strong magnetizations. We also want to establish how deeply beneath the surface the magnetization is carried. All of this can help us reconstruct the magnetic history of Mercury.


Before moving to Vancouver, as a Master's student at ETH Zurich, I worked on a project partly funded by ESA. My task was to perform a 3-D inversion of magnetotelluric (MT) vertical transfer functions (tippers) in a spherical geometry setup. I collected the results of this work in a paper draft that is currently under my supervisors' revision. 


Born and raised in Rome, I am very interested in Archaeology. I did an internship at the Bavarian State Office for Monument Protection (BLfD), where I learned and experienced the application of geophysical methods for archaeological prospection through an interesting fieldwork all around Bavaria. More generally, take me to an archaeological museum and I will be happy!

Around Europe

I love languages (modern and ancient) and traveling. I work occasionally as a Tour Manager with an American travel agency, leading groups of young American students around Europe (mainly Iceland and Italy). If you want me to show you around Rome some time I will be thrilled!