James Scoates


Geology Advisor

EOS-South 352
(604) 822-3667
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Origin and evolution of silicate magmas and mineralization potential;
Applications of geochemistry, isotopic geochemistry, and geochronology to problems in petrology and mineral deposit geology;
Physical volcanology and geochemical evolution of Large Igneous Provinces;
Origin of igneous layering and the development of layered intrusions;
Petrologic, geochemical, isotopic, and geochronological aspects of Proterozoic anorthosite plutonic suites;
Origin of magmatic Fe-Ti oxide, Cr, Ni, and PGE deposits


Teaching Awards
Faculty Teaching Award, 2021 (EOAS-UBC)
Killam Teaching Award, 2018 (UBC)
Faculty Teaching Award, 2012 (EOAS-UBC)
Faculty Teaching Award, 2006 (EOAS-UBC)

Courses Taught/Co-taught at UBC since 2002:
EOSC 220: Introductory Mineralogy
EOSC 223: Introduction to Geological Maps & Field Techniques
EOSC 223: Saltspring Island field school
EOSC 311: The Earth and Its Resources
EOSC 321: Principles of Igneous Processes
EOSC 333: Elemental and Isotopic Geochemistry
EOSC 328: Field Geology (Okanagan field school)
EOSC 331: Introduction to Mineral Deposits
EOSC 424: Advanced Mineral Deposits
EOSC 427: Water-Rock Interactions
EOSC 449: B.Sc. Thesis
EOSC 523: Isotope Geology
EOSC 525: Magmatic Ore Deposits
EOSC 530: Advanced Igneous Petrology
EOSC 539: Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
EOSC 545: Advanced Models in Mineral Deposits

Courses Taught at ULB 1995-2001:
GEOL 019: Introduction aux Sciences de la Terre
GEOL 022: Pétrologie Générale
GEOL 031: Processus Magmatiques
GEOL 055: Excursions Géologiques (Bretagne et Massif Central)

B.Sc. (Honours), 1987, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada
Ph.D., 1994, University of Wyoming, USA
Associate Professor, 1995-2001, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Young Scientist Award, 2001, Mineralogical Association of Canada
Faculty Member at UBC Since 2002
MAGNET: Multidisciplinary Applied Geochemistry Network (NSERC CREATE)
Steering Committee Member, Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research (PCIGR)
Research Website: The Triassic Wrangellia Flood Basalts in BC, Yukon and Alaska

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Graduate Students

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Ian Goan, M.Sc. (start Sept 2022)
Magnetite in arc magmas and its role on sulphide saturation from the perspective of Alaskan-type ultramafic-mafic intrusions

Dylan Spence, Ph.D. (start Sept 2020)
Transcrustal magmatic systems in subduction zones and the dynamics of crystal-rich magma reservoirs as preserved in Alaskan-type ultramafic-mafic intrusions

James Nott, Ph.D (start Jan 2019)
Architecture of subduction zone magma reservoirs and origin of primitive arc magmatism: the Polaris Alaskan-type ultramafic-mafic intrusion


Nichole Moerhuis, Ph.D. (Dec 2023)
Zircon and apatite in the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland: trace element, isotopic, and geochronological constraints on crystallization of a closed-system magma reservoir with implications for the magmatism in the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Catherine Armstrong, M.Sc. (Dec 2022)
Using radiogenic isotopes to fingerprint the source of geochemical enrichment in the Hawaiian mantle plume from the Koʻolau basalts on Oahu (co-supervisor)

Nicole Williamson, Ph.D. (Dec 2022)
Geochemistry of shield basalts from Kaua'i, Hawai'i: exploring the emergence of the Hawaiian geochemical trends (co-supervisor)

June Cho, M.Sc. (Dec 2019)
A microanalytical investigation of feldspars in the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland: ternary feldspar compositional relations and lead isotopic geochemistry

Jamie Cutts, Ph.D. (April 2019)
Geochronology of the ultrahigh-pressure rocks to interrogate the evolution of the continental crust and mantle (co-supervisor)

Anais Fourny, Ph.D. (Aug 2018)
Radiogenic isotopic systematics of layered intrusions: application to the Mesoproterozoic Kiglapait intrusion of coastal Labrador, Canada, and to mafic-ultramafic rock reference materials

Sarah Jackson-Brown, M.Sc. (Aug 2017)
Origin of Cu-PGE-rich sulphide mineralization near the margin of the Turnagain Alaskan-type ultramafic intrusion, British Columbia

Tom Ver Hoeve, M.Sc. (Dec 2016)
Applications of LA-ICP-MS analysis to zircon: assessing downhole fractionation and pretreatment effects for U-Pb geochronology and trace element variations in accessory minerals from the Bushveld Complex

Corey Wall, Ph.D. (Aug 2016)
Establishing the age and duration of magmatism in large open-system layered intrusions from the high-precision geochronology of the Neoarchean Stillwater Complex and Paleoproterozoic Bushveld Complex

Matt Manor, M.Sc. (Dec 2014)
Convergent margin Ni-Cu-PGE deposits: geology, geochronology, and geochemistry of the Giant Mascot magmatic sulphide deposit, Hope, British Columbia

Trent Dell'Oro, M.Sc. (Oct 2012)
Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope and trace element geochemistry of the Natkusiak Formation continental flood basalts of the Neoproterozoic Franklin large igneous province, Victoria Island, Canada

Ines Nobre Silva, Ph.D. (May 2011)
Deciphering mantle source components in basalts from hotspot track and ocean islands

Andrew Greene, Ph.D. (Aug 2008)
Wrangellia flood basalts in Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon: exploring the growth and magmatic history of a Late Triassic oceanic plateau

Diane Hanano, M.Sc. (Aug 2008)
Geochemistry of post-shield lavas from Kea- and Loa-trend Hawaiian volcanoes: constraints on the origin and distribution of heterogeneities in the Hawaiian mantle plume

Caroline-Emmanuelle Morisset, Ph.D. (July 2008)
Origin of rutile-bearing ilmenite Fe-Ti deposits in Proterozoic anorthosite massifs of the Grenville Province

Erik Scheel, M.Sc. (May 2007)
Age and origin of the Turnagain Alaskan-type intrusion and associated Ni-sulphide mineralization, north-central British Columbia, Canada

Rob Mackie, M.Sc. (April 2006)
Crustal contamination, sulphide mineralization, and compaction during formation of the marginal zone of the Muskox intrusion, Nunavut, and implications for the evolution of the 1.27 Ga Mackenzie magmatic event

Heidi Annell, M.Sc. (March 2005)
Petrology and geochemistry of the 25 Ma Mt. Marion Dufresne basaltic section on the Kerguelen Archipelago


Rachel Webb, B.Sc. (April 2023)
Petrochemistry of chromite in the Polaris and Tulameen Alaskan-type ultramafic-mafic intrusions of British Columbia, Canada

Dylan Spence, B.Sc. (April 2020)
Olivine in the Polaris Alakan-type intrusion of north-central British Columbia: implications for the magmatic evolution of primitive arc magmas and for convergent margin Ni-Cu-PGE ore-forming systems

Eric Vandenburg, B.Sc.H. (April 2020)
The E&L magmatic Ni-Cu-(PHE) deposit, northwestern British Columbia: preliminary sulfide petrology, platinum-group element mineralogy and lead isotope systematics

Connor Lyons, B.Sc.H. (April 2020)
The Illiance Valley trend, northern BC: implications for silver-bearing mineralization in the Golden Triangle (co-supervisor)

Rebecca Canam, B.Sc. (April 2019)
Age, petrology, and geochemistry of an appinitic lamprophyre, Hjalmar Lake, south Rae Craton, NT

June Cho, B.Sc.H. (Summer 2015, NSERC USRA)
Symplectites in the Kiglapait intrusion, Labrador

Alex Colyer, B.Sc.H. (April 2015) & NSERC USRA (Summer 2014)
Petrology and geochemistry of Eocene volcanic rocks in the White Lake Basin, southern Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moses Towell, B.Sc.H. (April 2015)
The geologic evolution of the Okanagan Valley shear zone near Oliver, British Columbia, Canada

Tom Ver Hoeve, B.Sc.H. (April 2013)
Trace element systematics of zircon from granophyres of the Archean Stillwater Complex, Montana, USA

Nick Bueckert, B.Sc.H. (April 2012)
Petrography and textural relationships of primary silicate, alteration, sulphide and platinum group minerals in the J-M Reef at the East Boulder Mine, Stillwater Complex, Montana

Tessa Loftus, B.Sc.H. (April 2011)
Geochemistry of the alkalic Monts Ballons plutonic suite, Kerguelen Archipelago, Indian Ocean

Corey Wall, B.Sc.H. (April 2009) & NSERC USRA (Summer 2009)
Uranium-lead geochronology of granophyres from the Archean Stillwater Complex, Montana (USA): characterization of uranium-bearing minerals (zircon, titanite, rutile) and preliminary dating results

Kathleen Booth, B.Sc. (Summer 2008, NSERC USRA)
Micro-baddeleyite in mafic-ultramafic rocks

Samantha Dyck, B.Sc.H. (April 2007)
Pb isotopic compositions of sulphides from the Merensky Reef in the Rustenburg Sector of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Nicole Lasanen, B.Sc.H. (April 2007)
Application of the mobile metal ion process over known gold mineralization at Goose Lake, Nunavut, Canada

Selina Wu, B.Sc.H. (April 2006)
High-precision trace element concentrations of orthopyroxene, plagioclase, biotite, and zircon from the Merensky Reef (Rustenburg Sector) of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Lisa Swinnard, B.Sc.H. (April 2006)
High-precision Pb isotopic characterization of basalts from the Ninetyeast Ridge using MC-ICP-MS

Lorraine Tam, B.Sc.H. (April 2005)
Pb and Sr isotopic compositions and trace element concentrations of plagioclase from the Merensky Reef in the Rustenburg Sector of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Gwen Williams, B.Sc.H. (April 2004)& NSERC USRA (Summer 2003)
A preliminary investigation into isotopic heterogeneity between crystal phases in the Laramie anorthosite complex, Wyoming

Diane Hanano, B.Sc.H. (April 2004)& NSERC USRA (Summer 2003)
Geochemistry of the Baie Charrier basaltic section, Courbet Peninsula, Kerguelen Archipelago: implications for the composition of the Kerguelen mantle plume


Stephanie Ingle, Ph.D. (Feb 2003)
Chemical geodynamics of the early Kerguelen plume

Sonia Doucet, Ph.D. (Dec 2002)
Interactions rides-points chauds et originalité du chimisme de l'Océan Indien: apport de l'étude géochimique et isotopique (Hf-Pb-Sr-Nd) des îles Kerguelen et Amsterdam-St. Paul

Stéphanie Bequet, B.Sc.H. (Sept 2002)
Etude pétrologique et géochimique de l'intrusion des Montagnes Vertes de l'Archipel de Kerguelen (sud-est de l'Océean Indien)

Arnaud Goolaerts, B.Sc.H. (Sept 2001)
Mise au point de la technique d'analyse de composition isotopique en Hf dans les zircons par MC-ICP-MS

Vinciane Debaille, B.Sc.H. (Sept 2001)
Etude pétrologique et géochimique des laves basaltiques de l'île de St. Paul, Océan Indien: implications pour l'interaction ride-panache sur le plateau d'Amsterdam-St. Paul

Mauro Lo Cascio, B.Sc.H. (June 2001)
Etude expérimentale du fractionnement polybarique dans les laves basaltiques à tendance alcaline de l'Archipel de Kerguelen et implications pour le volcanisme des îles océaniques

Anass Rochdi, B.Sc.H. (Sept 2000)
Pétrologie et géochimie du complexe granitique de Ploumanac'h, Côte de Granit Rose, Bretagne: implications pour les conditions de cristallisation et le rôle du mélange des magmas

Patricia Deuse, B.Sc.H. (Sept 1999)
Pétrologie et géochimie des basaltes dragués lors de la mission Kerimis (1998): étude de la partie nord du plateau de Kerguelen

Benoît Darras, B.Sc.H. (Sept 1998)
Etude de l'évolution des gisements aurifères de la Province du Chubut: minéralisation et laves encaissantes (Patagonie, Argentine)

Olivier Steinwehe, B.Sc.H. (Sept 1997)
Pétrogenèse de la série basaltique du Mont Bureau (archipel des Kerguelen, Océan Indien)

Luce Bellefontaine, B.Sc.H. (Sept 1997)
Pétrogenèse de la série magnatique du Mont Rabouillère (archipel des Kerguelen, Océan Indien)

Dimitri Damasceno, B.Sc.H. (Sept 1996)
Evolution magmatique de la série basaltique du Mont Crozier (Archipel de Kerguelen, Océan Indien): étude pétrologique et chimique