Lindsey Heagy

Assistant Professor

Accepting students

My research interests are in data science and inverse theory applied to questions in mineral exploration, groundwater, and environmental applications. My research group primarily focuses on machine learning and inversion methods with geophysical data including electrical and electromagnetic data as well as potential fields (gravity and magnetic data) to characterize the subsurface. Many projects involve extensive interaction with industry partners. 

Geophysical inversions 

  • Joint inversion of geophysical data
  • Including geologic and physical property data in inversions
  • Magnetic vector inversions 
  • Applications in mineral exploration, carbon sequestration, and groundwater

Pacific Rim Ocean Data Mobilization and Technology (PRODIGY) training program

  • ​collaborative project (lead PI: Philippe Tortell
  • bridges oceanography, geophysics, computer science and statistics
  • goals of harnessing new marine technology, data science, modelling and visualization tools to support ocean observation, prediction and knowledge mobilization

Electromagnetic (EM) methods

  • large scale inversions of airborne and natural source EM data 
  • EM responses with highly conductive and magnetic targets

Detection and classification of unexploded ordnance (UXO)

  • simulation and inversion of electromagnetic data collected in marine environments
  • using machine learning to complement inverse methods for classifying UXO from EM data

Open Science & Open Source Software

As a part of our research, the group contributes to the development of SimPEG, software for simulation and inversion of geophysical data, as well as, a collection of open-access resources for education in geophysics. 

Prospective students & postdocs

If you are interested in graduate studies or a postdoctoral position, please send me an email at describing your research interests, and include your CV / resume along with your transcripts. 


My google scholar profile contains a list of my publications. 

DSCI 100 (Winter 2022)

EOSC 350 (Fall 2022) 

PDFs and RAs

  • Research Associate Geophysics

Graduate Students

  • Research Associate Geophysics
  • MSc Geophysics
  • MSc Geophysics
  • MSc Geophysics

My google scholar profile contains a list of my publications.