Maya Kopylova


Junior Norman Keevil Chair in Mineral Exploration

EOS-South 160
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Establishing the composition and thermal structure of the mantle underlying the oldest portions of the earth (cratons) is one of the greatest challenges to earth sciences. Cratonic mantle down to depths of 200 km can only be studied directly as xenoliths sampled by rare and exotic kimberlite magmas. Information on the mantle at greater depths can only be derived from studies of diamonds and their inclusions.

In contrast to cratons with well-explored kimberlitic provinces, the stratigraphy and thermal state of the Slave craton as a whole is poorly known. However, the coincidence of abundant and widely distributed kimberlite bodies and a strong exploration and exploitation program for diamond has provided scientists with a unique opportunity to study the deep mantle of northern Canada.

I study all kinds of geological samples that become available as a result of diamond exploration, i.e. kimberlites, diamonds and mantle xenoliths. I am interested in petrology and volcanology of kimberlites, in characterization of diamonds and their mineral inclusions, as well as in petrology of mantle xenoliths. See the Diamond Exploration Laboratory page for current info on research projects.

M.Sc. Lomonosov Moscow State University, USSR

Ph.D. Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow, USSR

Visiting Researcher, Macquary University, Sydney, Australia 

NRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

PDF and Research Associate, UBC, Vancouver, Canada

NSERC University Faculty Award, UBC; 2000-2006;

Visiting researcher, Hebrew University, Israel, 2007

Royal Society Visiting Researcher Grant, UK, Durham, 2007

Guest professor, ETH, Switzerland, 2014

Professor, UBC ( 2013 - present) 

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