Nicole McHugh

MSc Oceanography

ESB 3041
(484) 630-3857

I am currently a graduate student at The University of British Columbia working on my masters thesis in Oceanography. In collaboration with The City of Vancouver, I am conducting research on the sources, sinks, and fate of microplastics in the Strait of Georgia, with a specific focus on the contribution of the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet. My research aims to identify the most significant sources of microplastics to the Strait, thereby improving our understanding of microplastics as a rising contaminant in shallow coastal water bodies and riverine systems. I am committed to advancing our understanding of ocean systems and addressing pressing environmental challenges. With considerable experience in marine research, I specialize in marine geochemistry and water quality management with the end goal being implementation of new coastal policies. My experiences have built proficiency in handling marine instrumentation, environmental analytical chemistry techniques, and analyzing data to inform sustainable resource management practices.