Nicole Williamson

PhD Geological Sciences

MAGNET Trainee

EOS-Main 305

My passion for the Earth Sciences began as an interest in astronomy when I was young. I spent a lot of time looking through my telescope imagining what it would be like to visit places like Saturn and Europa. My justification for starting a B.Sc. in Geology in 2006 was that I may as well learn about the Earth before the stars. Well, geology stuck and here I am elbow deep in Hawaiian basalt! My interests are varied, but I am especially fascinated by anything volcanism-related and how we might apply the things we know about Earth to the other planetary bodies of the Solar System.

My current research focuses on the geochemistry of the northernmost island of Hawai’i, Kaua’i, and involves systematic sampling of lavas from its main shield-building stage of volcanism. Using radiogenic isotopes, as well as major and trace element chemistry, this research will assess whether Kaua’i lavas show predominantly Loa- or Kea-like isotopic signatures, how they are distributed in space and time, and how they compare the other Hawaiian Islands. This will allow us to explore the dynamics of the Hawaiian mantle plume at an exciting time in its history when its chemical structure seemingly changed and its magmatic output increased by up to 300%.

Carleton University:

ERTH 1006: Introductory Geology

ERTH 2104: Igneous Systems, Geochemistry and Processes

ERTH 3205: Hydrogeology

ERTH 3204: Mineral Deposits


EOSC 220: Introductory Mineralogy

EOSC 221: Introductory Petrology

EOSC 333: Elemental and Isotopic Geochemistry


Williamson N, Ootes L, Rainbird RH, Bedard JH, Cousens B. 2016. Initiation and early evolution of the Franklin magmatic event preserved in the 720 Ma Natkusiak Formation, Victoria Island, Canadian Arctic. BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY. 78

Jamieson JWilliam, Hannington MD, Tivey MK, Hansteen T, Williamson N, Stewart M, Fietzke J, Butterfield D, Frische M, Allen L et al.. 2016. Precipitation and growth of barite within hydrothermal vent deposits from the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA. 173:64-85.


Bedard JH, Williamson N, Dell'Oro TA, Hayes B, Hryciuk M, Winpenny A, Scoates JS, Wise S, Nabelek PI, Naslund HR et al.. 2011. Emplacement and Eruption Style in the Franklin Large Igneous Province, Victoria Island, Arctic Canada. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. 1:02.