Roger Beckie


Department Head

EOS-South 261
(604) 822-6462
  • The physical, geochemical and biological processes and conditions in the hyporheic zone of the lower Fraser River, Vancouver.
  • Arsenic in the Bengal Basin.
  • Neutral - pH drainage from mine waste rock at the Antamina Mine in Peru.
  • Scale up for models of reactive transport in porous media.
  • Characterization strategies in integrated surface-water groundwater systems.

B.A.Sc. (Waterloo), Ph.D. (Princeton)., P.Eng.

Research Staff

Research Scientist

Graduate Students

PhD Geological Sciences
PhD Geological Sciences
PhD Geological Engineering
PhD Geological Sciences
PhD Geological Sciences
MSc Geological Sciences


Skierszkan E, Mayer K.U, Beckie R, Wise S. Submitted. Tracking the Fate of Metals in Mining Waste Rock Using M etal Stable Isotopes


Skierszkan E.K, Mayer K.U, Wise S, Beckie R. 2016. Molybdenum and zinc stable isotope variation in mining waste rock drainage and waste rock at the Antamina mine, Peru. Science of the Total Environment. 550:103-113.


Dockrey JW, Lindsay MBJ, Mayer K.U, Beckie R, Norlund KLI, Warren LA, Southam G. 2014. Acidic Microenvironments in Waste Rock Characterized by Neutral Drainage: Bacteria-Mineral Interactions at Sulfide Surfaces. MINERALS. 4:170-190.


Conlan MJW, Mayer K.U, Blaskovich R, Beckie R. 2012. Solubility controls for molybdenum in neutral rock drainage. GEOCHEMISTRY-EXPLORATION ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS. 12:21-31.