Scott Blumenthal

Research Associate

EOS 156

I use stable isotopes to study the evolution of mammals and terrestrial ecosystems, with a particular interest in human origins research in Africa. My research is focused on applying and developing isotopic proxies for investigating mammal diets, terrestrial vegetation, and climates in the fossil record. I also conduct isotopic studies of modern mammals, soils, plants for studies of the ecology and conservation of modern mammals and ecosystems as well as providing a foundation for paleoecological research. I am also involved in studies of the evolutionary history of mammals over the Cenozoic, as well as the archaeology of prehistoric foragers and early food producers.     

I am also an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR USA (on leave AY 21-22), where I lead the Isotopic Paleoecology Lab and co-direct the UO Stable Isotope Lab.

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