Vivian Lai

Research Assistant

EOS-Main 332
(604) 827-3043


  • I am a team member of PCIGR. My duties include:
  • Keeping the daily operation and maintenance of ELEMENT2 (high resolution ICP-MS, Thermo Finnigan) and Agilent 7700x (Quadrupole ICP-MS);
  • Preparing rock samples for trace element analysis and isotopic analysis (e.g Sr and Nd);
  • Performing trace element analysis (e.g. HFSE, REEs) on rock samples by using Element 2, Agilent 7700x and AttoM (high resolution ICP-MS, Nu Instruments);
  • QA/QC for trace element analysis; analyzing lab blanks from cleanlabs;
  • Training students, technicians, postdocs, and other researchers within EOS, other departments in UBC and other Universities to perform analysis by using ICP-MS.


  • BSc.(Hons.) - Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia 
  • MSc. - Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia (Research topic: Arsenic Speciation in Freshwater and Marine Algae)

Past experience

  • Research Assistant, Environmental Chemistry Group, Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia (under W. R. Cullen) : Arsenic speciation in the environment
  • Research Assistant, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia (joint project between W. W. Mohn and W. R. Cullen) : PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) analyses in PCBs-degrading microbial cultures



Teaching experience

  • Teaching assistant for UBC Chem 311 lab-3rd year analytical chemistry course (instrumental analysis)





Schudel G, Lai V, Gordon K, Weis D. 2015. Trace element characterization of USGS reference materials by HR-ICP-MS and Q-ICP-MS. Chemical Geology.