EOSC 583 · Circulation Processes and Transport Mechanisms in Observational Oceanography

The objective of this course is to provide incoming graduate students in all areas of EOS (although primarily OCGY and ATSCI students) with an overview of the important parts of, and mechanisms at play in, the world ocean, breaking down the system by both geographical location and by transport mechanisms. Although emphasizing the interconnectedness of the different basins and processes it will become clear why differences in disciplinary emphasis have led to different perspectives about, and conceptual models for, the ocean.

EOSC 582 · Satellite Remote Sensing: Applications to Oceanography and Meteorology

A review of the satellite-sensed data products used in research and operational aspects of oceanography and meteorology. Equivalent to GEOG 515.


Phil Austin


Petty, G. W., 2004: A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation, Sundog Publishing. Plus handouts and web material.

Lecture Topics

Longwave radiative transfer: emission and absorption

Applications: Surface temperature, atmospheric temperature sounding, cloud cover, global energy balance

EOSC 578 · Seminar in Biological Oceanography

A course to allow students the opportunity to present their own work, or that of others, orally. Topics will be chosen in consultation with faculty. Students will be expected to present at least one seminar during the term and to participate in the discussion of other seminars. Students in biological oceanography will normally take the seminar twice during their tenure at UBC.


Maite Maldonado