EOSC 449 · BSc Thesis

Course Description

Honours students in Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences specializations are required to submit a thesis involving original research, on a subject approved by the Department, in their fourth or final year. (Honours ENSC and Honours ATSC students should enroll in ENVR 449 or ATSC 449, respectively, but all BSc thesis courses in the Department are run together as one course, EOSC 449.)

EOSC 447 · BASc Thesis

Learning Goals

The purpose of the Honours Thesis is to provide the senior undergraduate student with an opportunity to carry out a piece of independent professional work, under the guidance of a faculty member or another qualified individual. Additional information can be found in the EOSC 447 thesis guide (see link below)


Course administered by Mary Lou Bevier, EOS South 156 (Sep 1, 2009-Dec 31-2009) and Uli Mayer, EOS South 256 (Jan 1, 2010 - Aug 31, 2010); Supervisor chosen by the student.

EOSC 434 · Geological Engineering Practice II - Soil Engineering

Learning Goals

  1. To synthesize knowledge from earlier courses on geomorphology, hydrogeology, soil mechanics and rock mechanics by examining case studies involving realistically complex geological environments (with an emphasis on engineering problems related to soils and weak rocks).
  2. To learn and practice some of the key tasks that are typically carried out by young professionals during their first few years of practice.
  3. To develop and practice professional-level report writing and oral presentation skills.