Degree Specializations at EOAS

  UBC’s Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences offers the most diverse choice of BSc and BAsc degree specializations of any science department at UBC.

A student-inspired comment: 
What I find fascinating is measuring and quantifying things we cannot see directly and then analyzing data to inform important decisions affecting communities or resources or our planet. 

Pursue a degree in one of these seven different specializations, or choose to combine two disciplines for a combined majors or honors degree. 

the physics of Earth and planets

Atmospheric sciences:
behavior and dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere

physical and biological ocean systems

Geological Engineering:
engineering our interactions with the natural environment

Geological Sciences:
dynamic processes and materials of the solid Earth

Environmental Sciences:
foundational science and perspectives on the environment


Earth and Ocean sciences:
embracing the scientific diversity of our fascinating planet


More student-inspired comments: 
A love of nature, exploration and science is perfectly matched to geoscience studies, enabling a path that combines my recreational and academic interests for an exciting future career.

I became fascinated in what the Earth was like when ancient life forms were around and what kind of processes formed the spectacular landscapes we see today.

Will you thrive in EOAS?

EOAS students are science-oriented, multi-disciplinary, work well solo or in teams, and enjoy a balance of classroom, laboratory, home, community and field learning. They have a deep commitment to helping address today’s urgent social, environmental and climate challenges.

This table helps match your interests with one or more of the EOAS degree specializations.

Another student-inspired comment:
I hope to make the world a better place and keep our planet healthy for the coming generations.

Contacts and Advisors

Current or prospective students will find contact information for advice about degree program specializations in our Advice & Support” section, as well as additional information about how to find support from Department, Faculty and UBC people and organizations.

Apply to pursue an EOAS degree

Apply to one of the specializations offered in EOAS by using guidelines provided by the Faculty of Science. See also …

  1. UBC’s first year requirements must be completed before applying to Science Specializations: see the Second Year Science Specialization Application Requirements for details.
  2. Are you completing one or more required first-year courses in the summer? You may apply to the department directly after completion of the course(s). However, UBC Science students with second-year standing or above must be in a specialization (e.g., a Major) before registering in courses. Therefore, select a different specialization that you qualify for in June, then apply to the department after completing the requirements at the end of summer session (August).
  3. Are you currently in another faculty of UBC? Please first consult the Faculty of Science Science Information Centre to determine the possibility of transferring to Science.
  4. You may also apply to the department if:
    1. you are transferring to UBC Science in year 2 or 3 but not eligible to take part in the online application process, or
    2. you are currently a UBC Science student in year 2 or 3 with a different specialization but you are interested in switching over to one of our specializations.
  5. Apply by contacting the Undergraduate Program Coordinator via email at and include your student number in your email.