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Academic advising for current students

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This page is primarily for undergraduate students. If you are a current graduate student in EOAS please see your graduate academic supervisor for advice. Prospective graduate students will find information under this website’s “GRADS” main menu. You can also contact Kimberly Tietjen; Graduate Program Coordinator ( for more details.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

For inquiries related to course registration, field school payment, and undergraduate programs in general, contact:

Ian Ayeras:

Undergraduate Advising

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Atmospheric Sciences


Phil Austin
EOS South 157

Environmental Sciences

ALL ENSC students See ENSC Advising FAQs here  
Last names A to M Michael Lipsen

EOS-South 161

Last names N to Z

Valentina Radic

On leave, please contact Michael Lipsen

EOS Majors and Minors


Joel Saylor
EOSS 362

Geological Engineering


Erik Eberhardt
EOS South 251



Jason Yeung
EOS South 252



James Scoates

EOSS 352



Ken Hickey

ESB 5199



Michael Bostock
EOS South 351



Christian Schoof
EOS 356





Maite Maldonado

ESB 2067



Susan Allen

ESB 3017

Financial, personal, GoGlobal and Co-op opportunities for undergraduates

Professional Registration

Practicing geoscientists, engineers, and biologists are legally-recognized professionals in British Columbia and other Canadian provinces and territories who must be registered.

The Geological Engineering Program at UBC is officially accredited by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the province of BC, known as Professional Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) such that all BASc graduates are eligible to apply for registration as Professional Engineers (PEng). Professional Engineers begin as Engineers in Training (EIT). Some Geological Engineering students take additional science courses which enable them to qualify for a dual registration as both PEng and PGeo.

No university geoscience programs automatically lead to accreditation. However, EGBC provides syllabi that detail the minimum course requirements for eligibility to register as a Professional Geoscientist (PGeo).

  • With course choices in alignment with the Environmental Geoscience syllabus, students in the Land, Air and Water area of concentration in the Environmental Science specialization are eligible to apply.
  • Students in the Geological Science specialization, Geophysics specialization, and Geological Engineering program should follow the Geoscience syllabus to be eligible to apply.

No EOAS degree options automatically lead to accreditation as a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio). However, students who take certain electives within the Ecology and Conservation area of concentration of the Environmental Sciences specialization may apply for membership in the College of Applied Biology as an RPBio. Consult the College of Applied Biology for eligibility requirements.

General advice and support

Information elsewhere on the EOAS website:

  • Safety under the EOAS website’s “About” menu.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion under the EOAS website’s “About” menu.
  • Regarding climate change, those concerned about or interested in climate change, and/or keen to find like-minded undergrad & graduate students as well as faculty and staff, explore the EOAS website’s “Climate Emergency” section.

Academic advice for science students including:

  • Guide for first year students,
  • Guide for transfer students,
  • choosing courses for first year,
  • choosing a program specialization,
  • Degree Navigator (Check your specialization requirements),
  • Preparing to Graduate.

What if I failed a course?

Personal help and support, via the Faculty of Science advice and support page:

Degree option forms, applications and permission letters

Faculty of Science student resources, including these topics:

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  • Degree Planning
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“Student support and resources: Find one-on-one help or explore available resources available to you.”

All the following are linked on this one page at

  • UBC campus and community services
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    • Bookstore
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    • First Nations House of Learning
    • Equity and Inclusion
    • Chaplains
    • UBC Ombuds Office (Provides confidential and impartial support if you are seeking help in navigating UBC policies and processes, or are unsure where to start with a fairness concern.)
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