We thank our alumni, friends, industry and research partners for their generous financial support. EOAS relies on strategic endowments to meet current challenges and position itself for opportunities ahead.

Specific Purpose Endowments and Funds

Earth Sciences Building Fund

This fund was established to offer alumni and friends the opportunity to contribute to improvements to teaching, research and student facilities in any of our four main buildings on campus. Our ultimate goal was to construct a new building that would provide significant new interactive teaching, study, laboratory and social space for EOAS, the Faculty of Science and the campus as a whole. The building was completed in the summer 2012 with the official opening on November 16. The $75 million facility is now home to Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Statistics, the Pacific Institute of the Mathematical Sciences, and the dean's office of the Faculty of Science. It features state-of-the-art facilities for research into mineral exploration and sustainable mining practices, and expanded educational facilities to help tackle a shortage of geosciences professionals.

Field School Renovation Fund

EOAS is working with alumni to revitalize UBC's historic geological field school and expand experiential learning at Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. The new field school will be a complete rebuild of the facilities on the familiar Oliver field site. The old buildings will be replaced by new wood frame and plywood/sheet metal cladding construction, expanding the capacity of the site to 90 people and adding dedicated teaching spaces. A novel canted-wall design staggers sleeping bunks, and maximizes use of the building volumes. The approach was honoured with a 2012 Award of Excellence by Canadian Architect magazine.

EOAS Teaching and Learning Centre Fund

Now called the Undergraduate Commons, the space integrates the traditional role of a reading room with modern technology and ergonomics to provide quiet and open student study space. It provides students with an array of educational opportunities including: web access to e-journals, work space for project development, a presentation facility, access to peer support, and a facility for accessing multi-media content. Funds are directed to contemporize the space to foster informal learning, mentoring and peer interaction.

Pacific Museum of Earth Fund

Exhibits in the Pacific Museum of Earth cover a wide range of topics within the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric sciences. Contributions to this fund will enable us to add additional exhibits and supplement existing collections.

Intellectual Prospecting Fund

Donations to this fund are used to support students in their pursuit of a career in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science. This fund helps subsidize student travel to present papers at conferences, non-course field trips and for other activities to enrich the life of the Department.

Joubin Endowment in Memory of M.Y. Williams

This fund is used for the support of solid earth sciences for student assistance in difficult financial situations.

Richard Lee Armstrong Endowment

Dr. Armstrong was a leading geochronologist with a special affection for the North American Cordillera. This fund was set up primarily to assist and support graduate student research and activities for students who are in financial need.

May Sze Memorial Endowment

This fund was setup after May's untimely death in 1994. The purpose of this endowment is to provide assistance and support activities for undergraduate students in the Dawson and GEOROX clubs.

Mineral Deposit Resource Unit Endowment

The objective of MDRU is to assist members by increasing the understanding of mineral deposits and methods that are used for their discovery. Income from this endowment supports the research activities of the Units

Endowed Chairs

Norman Keevil Chair in Mineral Exploration – Maya Kopylova

The chair was funded by a donation from Teck Corporation and by a matching grant from the Province of British Columbia. The objective is to stimulate research in mineral exploration and transfer the resulting technology to industry.

Cominco Chair in Minerals and the Environment – Ulrich Mayer

This chair was founded by gifts from Cominco Limited matched by the Province of British Columbia. The objective is to conduct necessary research in the study of land use practices and the extraction of non-renewable resources, including metals, crude oil, natural gas, coal, fertilizers and building aggregate.

Chair in the Ocean Environment and its Living Resources – Evgeny Pakhomov

This chair was made possible by contributions from various generous donors and the Province of British Columbia. The objective of this chair is to address an issue of major environmental concern in the health of the ocean and its relevance to marine ecosystems, and in particular to fisheries


Please contact the Science Development Office to learn more about donating.