Beth Dennis, Faculty of Science

UBC has a variety of services and programs to support all students including information on gender-inclusive washrooms, scholarship and bursary information, childcare options and career resources. There are also many community networks that empower many historically, systemically and persistently marginalized groups.

Disability Affinity Group

The Disability Affinity Group will provide an opportunity for UBC community members living with disabilities to regularly meet and build a community of support, learning, and solidarity. 

First Generation Students Union

First Generation Students Union (FGSU) at UBC is an AMS officiated club that is concerned with supporting students who are the first in their families to attend a post-secondary institution.

First Nations Studies Student Association

The First Nations Studies Student Association (FNSSA) is an AMS student-run organization for any student on campus who is interested in Indigenous topics and issues. Members of the club are Indigenous, non-Indigenous, and come from many different backgrounds of experience. 

Indigenous Portal

The Indigenous portal is your pathway to learning about UBC’s commitment to Indigenous engagement at its Vancouver campus and an information resource for Indigenous students, faculty and the wider community. They provide student resources on academic success, career opportunities, program advising and much more. 

The Pride Collective

The Pride Collective is an AMS resource group that offers educational and social services dealing with sexual and gender diversity to the UBC community, including but not limited to students, staff, and faculty.

Student Guide for Transgender and Non-binary students

Check out this student guide and this article which outline peer advice for incoming trans or non-binary students. 

UBC Black Students Union

UBC Black Students Union is a Black centred organization that hopes to create a safe space to educate, assist, as well as highlight the successes of the Black community at UBC. 

The Women's Centre

The Women's Centre is a student run organization which has been the voice for women's needs and issues at UBC for over 40 years. The centre strives to provide a space for community-building, discussion, sharing, and resistance. In addition, if you need support there is The Sexual Violence Prevention Office.