Volume 21 No. 30

April 25, 2017

Positions Available

PhD Thesis Opportunity - Structural Characterization of the Patterson Lake Corridor - University of Regina

In collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada and the Saskatchewan Geological Survey, the University of Regina is seeking a talented, motivated Ph.D. candidate to undertake a detailed lithostructural study of the Patterson Lake Corridor of Athabasca Basin. In collaboration with industry and provincial geologists, this fully-funded project has the goal of characterizing the geological framework of the Patterson Lake Corridor. 

The  prospective  student  will  receive  scholarship/bursary  funding  of  $23-­‐26  K/year  over  three  years through the Research Affiliate Program (RAP) of the Geological Survey of Canada ($21K/year), under the Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI) project, combined with funding ($2-­‐5K/year) from the University of Regina (Dr. Bethune’s research grant). The student is also entitled to hold other internal or external scholarship funding while receiving the RAP bursary. Field and analytical expenses will be provided by the Geological Survey of Canada. The project will involve collaboration with several companies, including AREVA Resources, Cameco Corp. Denison Mines Corp., Fission Uranium Corp., Forum Uranium Corp., NexGen Energy Ltd., and Purepoint Uranium Group. Initial fieldwork will take place in July – August 2017 with tentative plans for follow-­‐up study in the summer of  2018.

Interested students should send, via e-­‐mail, an expression of interest along with copies of their Curriculum Vitae and unofficial academic transcripts to Dr. K. Bethune (Kathryn.Bethune@uregina.ca), University of Regina, by the end of this month (April, 2017). For more information, see here.

Laboratory Technician Position - Fipke Laboratory for Trace Element Research, UBCO

UBCO FiLTER is seeking a technician who will facilitate directed research on the microchemistry and microstructure of geological, biological and engineering materials.  The individual is expected to work independently with minimal direct supervision to devise and implement new analytical protocols, quality control measures and data processing procedures. The technician will monitor, maintain, repair, modify and strive to improve the facility instrumentation and assist with the installation of new instrumentation as required.  The technician is also responsible for specifying, monitoring, modifying and maintaining laboratory infrastructure and services, including reconstruction and modification should reorganization of the facility be necessary.  The technician will train facility users and oversee their activities within the FiLTER facility, including recommending and assisting with the implementation of analytical strategies.  They may be required to provide assistance or advice with mass spectrometry and related instrumentation in other facilities within the Irving K. Barber School.  

For more information, see here or view job posting #26240 here

Remote Sensing Atmospheric Research Scientist - Burlington (Ontario), Toronto (Ontario) 

Environment and Climate Change Canada is seeking a research scientist with an acceptable doctoral degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in a field of the natural sciences (such as earth sciences, environmental sciences, physics) related to the duties of the position, with specialization in atmospheric remote sensing technology from satellite platforms. For more information, see here.