Volume 24 No. 18

March 17, 2020

EOAS Headlines

The EOAS Main Office staff will be working remotely as much as possible, and will only be in the office occasionally unless and until the current situation changes.

The Main Office can still be accessed by key card as normal, but the front entrance to the office will be locked, and mail and other deliveries will be delayed or temporarily re-routed to Stores. If you have concerns about a particular delivery, please let us know and we can help you coordinate with Campus Mail. Outgoing mail should be left with Stores.

Stores (basement of the EOAS Main Building) will remain open unless the situation changes, and can be reached at stores@eoas.ubc.ca .

Compstaff can be reached by the usual means at helpdesk@eoas.ubc.ca.

Admin staff can be reached remotely as follows:


Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

Interesting Reads

10 Tips to Rapidly Transition to Remote Education

With many universities transitioning to remote education to reduce risk during the COVID-19  pandemic, educators are faced with abruptly converting their face-to-face courses. Here are the top tips from our experts on rapidly making the transition.

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Unstructured rest key to student learning at field school

Fieldwork is renowned for its long hours and grueling pace, but working without breaks leads to exhaustion and errors. Science Teaching and Learning Fellow Alison “AJ” Jolley is investigating how students rest during field courses, and how it impacts learning.

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Mixing lasers and archaeology to tell stories with stones

What can rocks tell us about the history of our landscapes and people who live on them? Rhy McMillan, who recently defended his PhD dissertation in Geological Sciences, blends geochemistry and archeology in his quest to provide Indigenous communities with scientific data that provide additional support for their oral histories.

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