Volume 25 No. 20

May 11, 2021

Employment & Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ocean Dynamics Affecting Open-Ocean Productivity and High Seas Salmon - British Columbia

Applications are invited for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship (PDF) to study mixed-layer dynamics and coastal-offshore exchange mechanisms in the Northeast Pacific using a diverse collection of ocean observations including ocean glider, Argo float, ship-based, and satellite data.

Project Goals: The project aims to use the diverse set of ocean observations described above to better understand the physical oceanographic processes that have the potential to influence salmon in the Northeast Pacific with a focus on mixed-layer dynamics and coastal-offshore exchange mechanisms. Specific research questions may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • What processes regulate the mixed layer depth and resulting habitat for salmon offshore?
  • What processes drive restratification in the spring and what role does that play in the nutrient and oxygen budgets in the upper ocean?
  • How does warm, coastal, nutrient-rich water enter and then mix in the Gulf of Alaska, and are the observed stratification and transport processes well represented by Northeast Pacific Ocean models?
  • What processes drive mesoscale variability in physical and biogeochemical properties in the offshore

Project Team: The fellow will collaborate closely with a working group that includes scientists from the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia, and the Institute of Ocean Sciences, a scientific facility of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Further the fellow will join the Canadian-Pacific Robotic Ocean Observing Facility (CPROOF) team. The project is supervised by Dr. Jody Klymak (University of Victoria), Dr. Tetjana Ross (Institute of Ocean Sciences), Dr. Stephanie Waterman (University of British Columbia), Dr. Roberta Hamme (University of Victoria), and Dr. Amber Holdsworth (Institute of Ocean Sciences)

Position Responsibilities: The postdoc will be responsible for the following tasks within the context of the overall project as described above:

  • to work with the project team on processing, analyzing and interpreting existing observational data;
  • to participate in the continued collection of in situ observational data in the region;
  • to work with the local modelling community on comparing observations and model simulations to better understand the fidelity of the models in capturing mesoscale processes;
  • to write high-impact manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.


  • a PhD in physical oceanography
  • experience working with observational datasets, as evidenced by the candidate’s publication record
  • willingness to work collaboratively with a group of scientists with diverse expertise and experiences in oceanography
  • capacity to lead projects with collaborators, excellent communication skills, and demonstrated ability to finish projects on time

This is a limited term, two-year PDF position paid at a rate of $55,000 CAD per year plus applicable benefits with an opportunity for renewal given satisfactory performance and funding availability. A research budget is also available. We seek a candidate who has completed a PhD within the last five years (special allowances will be made for career interruptions and personal circumstances) and who shows evidence of strong quantitative skills and an understanding of ocean dynamics.

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV and two research publications to Dr. Jody Klymak by email ( ). Your cover letter should address your motivation to excel in this project, and the skills and experience you can bring to the work, and list at least two academic references. Review of applications will begin on May 15 2021. Preferred start date is November 2021.

Project Geologist - Rokmaster

Rokmaster Resources is looking for geologists (or 4th year student geologists) to assist with an expanded drill program at Revel Ridge, formerly known as the J and & L project which is located about 50 km northeast of Revelstoke. That program will be about 8,000 m's beginning within weeks with one surface rig operated by Hy-Tech Drilling. Underground drilling is likely to resume after that in the fall.

If you are interested and would like to drop by and look at what we are doing and have discussion about the rocks, your skill sets and interests, that can easily be arranged. Please provide some idea of what kind of daily rate you feel comfortable with.

Please contact or call 604-290-4647 for more information.

Call for TA Applications - Master of Data Science, UBC

Dear UBC graduate students,
We are accepting applications for TAships with the UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) program and related courses STAT 545. A list of the MDS courses can be viewed here: https://ubc-mds.github.io/descriptions/. The Master of Data Science program is on the block system, and so each course lasts one month. We ideally want 12 hours/wk TA commitments per course. We welcome students TAing multiple courses. Our blocks fall roughly under these dates:
Block 1: September
Block 2: October to Mid November
Block 3: Mid November to Mid December.

If you are interested, we invite you to please fill out our application form.

The deadline to apply is May 20, 2021.

TAing with MDS and/or STAT 545 can help you build and practice both your teaching and Data Science skills. We hope you will consider working with us! If you have any questions about this (or anything related) please do not hesitate to email Hayley Boyce at .

PhD Project: Antarctic sea ice evolution and ecosystem responses in a changing climate - Durham University

Durham University is seeking applicants for an ERC-funded PhD project which aims to reconstruct Antarctic sea-ice histories and ecosystems responses from the Last Glacial Maximum to present. The projects will focus on the eastern Weddell Sea, working on novel regurgitated stomach oil deposits generated by snow petrels where they nest above the Antarctic ice sheet. These stomach oil deposits can be tens of thousands of years old, and preserve evidence of changing snow petrel diet and sea-ice conditions (e.g. Ainley et al., 2006; Berg et al., 2019). The PhD candidate will learn and apply a range of geochemical techniques (trace metals, stable isotope and biomarker analysis) to explore changing snow petrel diet and links to the sea ice environment. They will join a wider project team at Durham University and British Antarctic Survey investigating modern snow petrel ecology, sea ice and ecological modelling, evolutionary history of the snow petrels and their prey.

The studentships are tenable from October 2021, and cover UK/EU fees, a tax-free maintenance grant (set at the UK Research Council’s national rate: currently £15,609), conference attendance and training, and all analytical costs.
For full details of the application process and the project, please see this page, and/or contact Professor Erin McClymont ( ). The deadline for applications is Friday 28th May 2021.

Rio Tinto Opportunities

Rio Tinto is looking for students for summer work, with potential opportunities for field work. Anyone interested should contact Rob Phillipps ( ).

News & Events

EOAS Poster Corral

The annual EOAS Poster Corral will be on Wednesday, May 19th, from 4 pm to 6 pm. It is a perfect opportunity to learn more about all the different topics addressed by our department and to celebrate the beginning of summer. We welcome you to either present your whole research project or a smaller part of your project (e.g., methods, ideas to be developed, preliminary results). You can present your research in many different and creative ways:

  • Reuse an official conference poster
  • Create an unofficial poster, or a poster collage of pre-existing slides
  • Prepare a few slides
  • Create a short video

Your presentation should be around 5 minutes.

Don’t hesitate and come share your research! Everyone is welcome to present! There will be a lounge area in the virtual conference platform, so it is also a great opportunity to grab a drink and socialize with members of the department! There will be prizes for the best presenters!

To take part, you simply need to fill out THIS FORM by Friday, May 14th. Both attendees and presenters are required to register as we need to know the number of participants to book the conference platform!