Volume 24 No. 48

November 24, 2020

Employment & Opportunities

EV Researcher Position - The Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society - 2 Degrees Institute

The 2 Degrees Institute of the Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society is seeking a youth (age 18 – 30) to undertake a small research project for our ‘Dollars and Sense of Electric Vehicles’ campaign. The work will take place remotely, and all team meetings will be held virtually.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to make the switch to an electric vehicle by highlighting the economic benefits of driving an EV over an equivalent gas vehicle.

The contracted Researcher will update the 2 Degrees Institute 2018 Report: Comparing Fuel and Maintenance Costs of Electric and Gas Powered Vehicles in Canada to include current data and analysis, and will compile a database of EV-related organization and agency contacts throughout BC.

The research will include:
• Rebates offered in each province as well as federally
• Selection of vehicle models to compare in the updated report
• Average driving distances for provinces across Canada
• Gasoline prices and maintenance costs by province, including future projections calculations (2% increase)
• Electricity rates by province
• Percentage EV sales across Canada
• Updates for research referenced in report
• Carbon tax information updates

Experience and Qualifications:
• Skilled and experienced researcher with strong data analysis and math/statistics skills
• Exceptional communication skills including proven ability in report writing and experience with data visualization. Proficient with MS Excel.
• Self-starter, able to work independently with minimal supervision, and capable of working remotely (including access to computer, phone, MS Office software, and video-conference applications)
• Strong interest in sustainability, renewable energy technologies and environmental education communications

The SCCAS is committed to the values of equity, diversity and inclusion. We encourage applicants from people of all ethnicities, genders, orientations and abilities.

To apply, please send your resume and a short statement of your interest in the position to .

News & Events

MSc Thesis Defense: Chitra Chopra

Title: Quantification and mapping of methane emissions using eddy covariance in a controlled subsurface synthetic natural gas release experiment

Date & Time: Monday, November 30th at 3:30pm

Place: Zoom Room

IOS Seminar: Dr. Emily Rubidge

Title: Systematic conservation planning in the Northern Shelf Bioregion, BC

Date & Time: Friday, November 27th at 10:15am

Place: Zoom Room


As part of Canada’s national and international commitments to protect 30% of its oceans by 2030, Marine Protected Area (MPA) networks are being developed in five priority bioregions including the Northern Shelf Bioregion (NSB) in British Columbia. DFO Science staff, alongside scientists and technical staff from MPA network partners, have provided science support for the planning process. The MPA network planning partners include Canada, the province of BC and 16 First Nations. This presentation will provide an overview of the systematic conservation planning approach, with a specific focus on the research and development of ecological information used to identify areas of high conservation value. Considerations and strategies for MPA network monitoring will also be presented.